SCB partners with FWD to launch 'OPD Khum Krob Chob Hai Huang' to support customer during pandemic

Thursday 21 January 2021 08:51
Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has partnered with FWD Life Insurance Plc ("FWD Insurance") to launch 'OPD Khum Krob Chob Hai Huang' to support medical expenses as a response to customer's needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The product is designed to ensure full healthcare coverage from small to critical illness with lump-sum payouts for medical expenses, and double coverage on room rates for critical illness* diagnoses. Coverage starts at 19,782 baht for 2 million baht coverage and 94,257 baht for 120 million baht at the top end with either worldwide or Thailand coverage, depending on customers' need.
SCB partners with FWD to launch 'OPD Khum Krob Chob Hai Huang' to support customer during pandemic

David Korunic, FWD Insurance CEO said, "Since 2020, everyone has been affected by the global pandemic forcing all of us to adjust to a new normal. In this context, more and more customers are becoming increasingly aware of taking care of their health and looking for insurance that covers their health-related expenses.

In response, FWD and SCB have together developed 'OPD Khum Krob Chob Hai Huang' to not only focus on customer outpatient (OPD) expenses, but also general medical expenses such as health checkups, dental, basic vaccines, pregnancy treatments, alternative treatments, and other OPD follow-up treatment such as dialysis and chemotherapy with unlimited number of hospital visits , not to mention coverage for IPD medical expenses, and also any treatment related to COVID-19."

Apiphan Charoenanusorn, President of Siam Commercial Bank, added, "Our customer insights reflect that OPD has been the most anticipated service as it is still rare in the market.
Together with FWD's insurance expertise and SCB's remarkable customer service and nationwide distribution channel, we are confident that our product can truly address our customer needs. We hope people have been enjoying the continued storytelling approach of our latest TVC, which is a sequel to one of the most popular Thai movies of all time - 'Nong Phee Teerak' (Brother of the year), especially during this difficult time when positive energy is much needed.

The key product features of 'OPD Khum Krob Chob Hai Huang' include:

Better value (Khum)

  • OPD coverage in every plan.
  • Lump sum cover with no usage limits based on coverage.
  • Inclusive of medical diagnosis, laboratory tests and medicine.
  • Continuous OPD coverage for critical illness treatments such as chemotherapy and dialysis based on maximum coverage of the plan.
  • Premiums start as low as 19,782 baht for 2 million baht coverage for a 20 years old female. (Premium is different by age and sex).

All inclusive (Krob)

  • All-inclusive coverage for any health-related expenses such as dental care, vision care, health check-up, vaccination, alternative medicine, pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Five plans to choose from, with coverage ranging from 2 million baht with premium rate starts from 19,782 baht to 120 million baht with premium rate of 94,257 baht.
  • Worldwide coverage, depends on selected plans.

Peace-of-mind (Hai Huang)

  • Double room rates when hospitalised for three critical illnesses, which are Invasive cancer, Major stroke, and Acute heart attack.
  • Continuous coverage for expenses related to critical illness or accident medical treatment such as breast reconstruction post mastectomy due to cancer.
  • Customers with existing benefits may purchase additional coverage and get up to 60% reduced premium depending on plan, age, and gender.

'OPD Khum Krob Chob Hai Huang' can be purchased at any branch of SCB from today onwards. For more details, please contact SCB call center 02-777- 7777 or FWD call center 1351.

Source: Siam Commercial Bank