SABINA navigates through pandemic with major restructuring, new generation leaders, and sustainable revenue team

Thursday 21 January 2021 10:21
SABINA weathers the COVID-19 crisis by reorganizing its management to incorporate the new generation. Following the appointment of Duangdao Mahanavanont as the Chief Commercial Officer in charge of managing revenue streams, SABINA is adopting strategies to integrate online and offline channels, emphasizing speed and agility for maximum customer satisfaction and sustainable growth. The CEO states that the new generation's ideas shall be assimilated into the organization in order to keep pace with the new normal, enabling SABINA to run at full throttle after the pandemic eases off.
SABINA navigates through pandemic with major restructuring, new generation leaders, and sustainable revenue team

Mr. Bunchai Punturaumporn, CEO of Sabina Public Co., Ltd. (SABINA), manufacturer and distributor of SABINA lingerie, revealed that 2021 is regarded as the year of change for SABINA, given that this is the first radical restructuring of the organization. Having been through the first COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020 and another outbreak at the end of 2020, SABINA decided to revise its organizational structure for enhanced management efficiency leading to sustainable growth, including preparing for future adverse impact.

Recently, SABINA appointed Miss Duangdao Mahanavanont as the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), an additional driving force behind the organization and part of the new generation team that will lead SABINA in tandem with the senior management team, which is comprised of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Miss Pitcha Thanalongkorn and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mr. Somkid Pardungkiattisak.

"The COVID-19 pandemic compelled us to adapt ourselves, making us realizing that the new generation's way of thinking is crucial for reinforcing our business in conformity with the new normal lifestyle in which trading mostly occurs in online platforms and social media. Owing to the new generation's ideas, SABINA has always managed to keep abreast of the latest trends. At the same time, the organizational restructuring consolidates our online and offline channels as directed by our team of new generation leaders. Not only does this ready us to pick up after the pandemic eases off, but it will also stimulate growth for SABINA sustainably," Mr. Bunchai said.

Miss Duangdao Mahanavanont, CCO of SABINA, stated that business support mainly aims to manage revenue streams for core businesses in alignment with the organization's targets. It encompasses the determination and the
supervision of strategies, the execution of sales targets, the adjustment of marketing plans, and the implementation of new sales models matching the market conditions which require speed and agility.

"SABINA is restructuring in sync with the changing market and based on customer centricity. As the CCO, I connect the operations among the revenue team, the marketing team, and the research and development team as one, thus making communications more concise and in time for the rapidly changing situations nowadays in order to meet customer demands efficiently. Given that the most challenging element at present is the uncertainty following the uncontrollable external factors, our primary objective today starts with adjusting our manpower for dealing with rapid changes for the long-term sustainability of our organization," the CCO of SABINA said.

Source: i2C Communications