Tuya Smart eyes APAC region as a cornerstone for extensive IoT application in many new industries

Wednesday 27 January 2021 09:43
As APAC is poised for explosive growth in the next decade, Tuya's partnerships empower IoT technologies and products to reach the next level of application development and growth
Tuya Smart eyes APAC region as a cornerstone for extensive IoT application in many new industries

Global AI + IoT (AIoT) platform Tuya Smart, which is based in the US, is looking at Asia Pacific to power the future of IoT applications, as many of its clients and partners are poised to take advantage of the emerging economies and middle class to drive consumption.

Although large in geography and markets. Asia Pacific is not one homogenous market, creating challenges for businesses and scientific organizations in terms of business models and standardization, respectively. However, the potential for growth is still too great to ignore, and APAC's new rising middle class will be the key factor driving economic growth in the coming decades. Asia Pacific also features heavily in Tuya's latest whitepaper released together with Gartner on the AIoT ecosystem in 2021.

Asia is also still developing and renewing themselves at the same time. This presents a unique opportunity for IoT companies and developers to test out their products in the market. For example, one of Tuya's Australian partners, Greenlux, who has successfully delivered quality lighting outcomes to commercial sites nationally in Australia for the past 17 years, recently embarked on a PaaS Commercial Lighting Platform into their product range, underpinned by Tuya technology. "We are very excited to be involved with Tuya at the beginning of a lighting control revolution that will be part of a global movement," said Shayne Liddell, Product Director from Greenlux LED Lighting.

This is the start of an incoming IoT wave that will sweep the region. Joidea, a technological services provider, will be using Tuya's IoT Platform, commercial solutions, and support to utilize its own corporate client base and its industrial partners to increase its market share in education, elder care, and agriculture sectors in Australia. A prominent Taiwanese company MediaTek has successfully applied Tuya'sNarrow Band-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) modules—NM1, NM1-CT, and NM1-GL—for smart city applications. The three newly launched NB-IoT modules will leverage Tuya's platform, to expand into new outdoor smart devices as well as various SaaS-level and PaaS-level solutions for AIoT developers around the world, and to help promote the implementation of smart cities, smart communities, smart industries and other related fields.

Tuya's platforms and technologies has allowed its partners to focus on what they do best. In Singapore, Tuya's IoT platform enables lighting company Nearto focus on its key strength, which is making lights. As a result, Nearcan release new products quickly and ahead of their competition. Similarly in Indonesia, BARDI, a Smart Home company opened its first showroom of Powered by Tuya products - BARDI Suvarna Sutera in December this year, the first of this kind in Southeast Asia.

From IoT applications, companies are seeing bigger and more tangible benefits. "There are three advantages about smart hotel evolution, first is reducing man power by self-check in and self-room service machine," Arivendran, CEO of Smartouch from Malaysia said. "Second, providing better experience for hotel client, just like they can control the room devices like curtain, lighting, AC by app voice assistant. And third, reducing energy for hotel owner by our human detection sensor."

As the ecosystem continues to mature in the APAC region, Tuya will continue to actively engage and develop the community and its developers to its full potential. The future of IoT is bright, and this will herald benefits not only for the tech-savvy but for everyone. Enabling APAC to find innovative solutions to problems will define how AIoT's potential for decades to come.

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