Orico Auto Leasing launches OricoCare in partnership with Smartsure to provide greater peace of mind for used car buyers

Thursday 28 January 2021 11:22
Receive 24hr personal assistance for up to 6 years when buying a used car, a first in ThailandOricoCare covers over 80% of the Vehicle's mechanical parts, the most comprehensive coverage in the market.Orico Auto Leasing (Thailand) Ltd., a leading provider of financial services from Japan, launches OricoCare to provide car buyers with peace of mind when buying used cars by offering comprehensive auto parts insurance protection covering over 200 mechanical parts. Partnering with Smartsure, Asean's largest aftersales service providers, Orico Auto Leasing customers who buy used cars can now feel safer on the road with OricoCare's 24-hour road assistance program, which includes services such as car towing, oil refill and spare tire replacement.
Orico Auto Leasing launches OricoCare in partnership with Smartsure to provide greater peace of mind for used car buyers

OricoCare services include Orico Roadside Service and OricoEWcare.
OricoRoadsideService offers car owners 24-hour roadside assistance for up to 6 years, giving drivers' confidence they will be supported if their car breaks down. Personal road assistance will be on call to assist all their needs in every situation, whether their battery dies in the middle of the city, or they suffer a flat tire in the remote countryside. Customers also benefit from Routine Maintenance Service (RMS) throughout the loan period, allowing them to access 5,000 service center partners across the country that are trained to provide the best maintenance service at a friendly price.

OricoEWCare provides drivers with the most comprehensive extended warranty coverage in the market, covering over 80% of the vehicle's mechanical parts. When their car needs repaired, drivers can rest assured that their vehicle is fixed to the highest professional standards at authorized OEM service centers. The program covers the cost of repair up to the value of the car, so if the vehicle was bought at 500,000 baht, OricoEWCare will also cover up to 500,000 baht worth of repairs.

"Buying a used car gives customers value for money, which is especially important in the current economic situation when customers need to spend their money carefully and wisely. Given the fact that over 90% of car purchases are made using loans, financing companies play an important role in helping buyers secure their dream car. Our mission is to provide the best financial packages for customers as well as providing the best aftersales solutions to car buyers. Our partnership with Smartsure ensures that our mission to deliver a dream used car buying and driving experience to our customers can be achieved. We believe that OricoCare will improve the buying experience for everyone in Thailand," says Withan Kanyarangsi, General Operations Manager of Orico Auto Leasing (Thailand)

"Smartsure's vision has always been to instill trust among used car buyers. We are extremely lucky to have a like-minded partner like Orico who shares our philosophy. OricoCare was created with trust in mind and every car with OricoCare gives customers coverage of over 200 major components, from engine parts and gears to Electronics Control Unit. Our goal is to become the gold standard for trust in the used car market at every stage of car ownership, from point of purchase to making a claim. We have integrated our claims system with our partner's insurance company making it easier for customers to make claims. OricoCare offers peace of mind when buying a used car, and peace of mind while driving on the road. With over 5000 service providers, customers can rest assured that wherever they are OricoCare will always be nearby," Wasawat Wasutasawat, Executive Chairman of W SMART (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED

OricoCare provides used car buyers with 24hr Roadside Assistance and free Maintenance consultation up to a period of 6 years. Buyers can also benefit from the extended warranty program which covers over 80% of the car's mechanical parts, including engine parts, gears and Electronics Control Unit. OricoCare is exclusively for car buyers who apply for car loans with Orico.

To learn more about the service, please visit www.smartsure.co.th or contact 02-0571234, 02-0571223 everyday 24 hrs.

About Smartsure
Smartsure, Wsmart Co., Ltd, is one of the Asean's largest Used Car Aftersales company. The Company offer solutions from Used Car Inspection, Extended Warranty Programs to Third Party Administration Services. Simply put, the company inspects the quality of the car and provides complete care solutions to car owners.
Apart from the company's experience in creating innovative aftersales solutions, Smartsure also offers a sophisticated policy activation and claims handling technology. The goal is to provide Used Car Buyers with a peace of mind when buying Used Cars.

About Orico Auto Leasing (Thailand)
Orico Auto Leasing (Thailand) is a leasing company established in 2015. The company is a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate, Orient Corporation Ltd., founded in 1951. The company's main business includes leasing services for preowned vehicles and money lending services. In addition, the company also provides credit card loans, debt collection and Bank Guarantees. The goal in Thailand is to support consumer's growing demand for used cars by ensuring that consumers from all lifestyles can take out such loans with ease. In addition, the Company aims to follow its vision by energetically making great strides via innovation and to continuously better the lives of its customers and society.

Source: Spark Communications