PR Trend for the Next Normal 2021: Digital Transformation

Friday 19 February 2021 17:20
Storytelling is King - Context is Queen
PR Trend for the Next Normal 2021: Digital Transformation

Public relations agency DC Consultants and Marketing Communications reveals public relations (PR) trends in the age when Thailand and the world are experiencing great volatility resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the economy, society, politics, public health and public response as well as completely changing social media behavior of people worldwide since last year into 2021.

Dr. Danai Chanchaochai, Chief Advisor of DC Consultants and Marketing Communications, said that the world has changed, so the mass communication industry and consumers' media consumption behaviour have changed as well. Accordingly, the PR industry needs to adjust itself and its working approach. In the past, PR value could be measured by media value such as Share of Voice (SOV) and Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE), but now PR professionals need to upskill to become strategic PR consultants or the client's think tank who can meet the requirements in the short, medium and long terms, with PR planning that can promptly predict the final results, effectively handle crises, and deliver desired goals quickly.

Dr. Danai provided five principles for PR digital transformation in the new normal of 2021:

1. Storytelling is King, Context is Queen meaning the storytelling or communication approach need to change because the audiences on social media are different from those of traditional media. In each communication, PR professionals must be able to communicate the key message through multiple media platforms in the right contexts. They must understand social sentiments, trends and the right timing for communication in order to achieve optimum results. In short, the key message must be communicated in the right place at the right time. For example, the video clip of net idol Pimrypie holding a Children's Day party for children on remote hills got millions of views in a very short time, becoming arguably the most talked-about Children's Day event of this year.

2. Understand New Media Landscape. Because today's influential media are no longer traditional media, PR professionals must be able to expand the channel of communication from TV, radio and newspapers to also include the new media such as net citizens, online influencers, bloggers and YouTubers. The insight into the new media landscape will enable PR professionals to spread intended messages through the right channels, generating awareness and social trends for the benefit of their clients.

3. The Use of Big Data for social listening and consumer insight in order to penetrate particular target groups. Consumer insight means knowing how clients' brands are being perceived or talked about by the world or society. PR professionals can apply the information from Big Data to choosing PR tools or making smart PR plans that are suitable for consumers' lifestyles. Now is the era when people hear what they want to hear and media consumption power is at their fingertips. This is why PR professionals need to have profound understanding of target groups' behaviour and media consumption habits.

4. Creativity and Technology is the new currency. Creativity and technology are key elements of public relations. PR professionals must be able to combine creativity and new technologies to satisfy communication objectives. For example, they might create interactive content for digital marketing, implement video marketing to create a community or network, or make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and influencer marketing.

5. Brand Positioning & Brand Love. Brand position or organisation's position are important. PR professionals must assess and pinpoint client's position where it is accepted by varied target groups. Keep in mind that an organisation's image is pivotal, especially in a socially, ecologically, economically or politically sensitive environment that makes clients more vulnerable than before, so it is a PR professionals' duty to provide them with useful advice for maximum long-term benefit. And importantly, organisations must be committed to conducting activities for social good with sincerity and goodwill in order to promote public love and trust or "Brand Love" towards the organisations.

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Source: DC Consultants and Marketing Communications