A New online marketplace for discovering and buying travel and leisure deals

Wednesday 24 March 2021 16:42
Amidst the economic crisis brought forth by COVID-19, PCL Hospitality - a hotel management and development consultancy - has implemented its services to better support hotel and tourism businesses.
A New online marketplace for discovering and buying travel and leisure deals

"As a hotelier myself, I've also had to face the challenges in our industry that arose from the pandemic," said Khun Patom S'prayoon, CEO of PCL Hospitality. "But rather than blindly wait for the storm to pass, I believe we can act now and grasp the opportunities for unprecedented growth that are just ahead."

Today, PCL Hospitality introduces www.Onvou.co, a new web platform powered by technologies that help facilitate the sale of tourism deals and promotions via online vouchers. OnVou capitalizes on the escalated public interest in the "Buy Now & Travel Later" concept, providing tools and rewarding benefits that help shoppers personalise their ideal vacations both for themselves and as experiential gifts for friends and family.

OnVou establishes itself as a premiere Technology System for partners, operating on a business model designed for their convenience and comfort. Partners will enjoy an intuitive back office management system that is simple, informative and helps businesses meet new demand. This new platform is an exciting way for lifestyle, accommodation, and restaurant businesses to engage and drive sales to customers, serving an always-accessible, high-end online marketplace.

Based in Thailand, Onvou capitalises on the kingdom's decades-old tourism and hospitality culture for a redefined travel experience that includes customisable all-inclusive holiday packages, flexible travel dates, and gifting services, while empowering partners with a state-of-the-art website equipped with tools and analytics for invaluable data insights.

OnVou's intuitive back office provides partners with the ability to manage vouchers and track sales performance as well as transaction status for a complete all-in-one operations and data tracking solution.

Operating on an electronic voucher-based system, OnVou's partners list their deals and offers on the OnVou platform which acts as a distribution and hosting service. In turn, users get to customise unique, personalised travel packages based on OnVou's "Keystone Experiences", namely Stay, Eat, Play, and Relax, with the resultant vouchers being redeemable within a set amount of time. Users can easily redeem their vouchers by contacting venues using OnVou's platform directly.

Brand partners are carefully selected for a strategic partnership that will create unrivalled user experiences while offering control and data to partners. Aside from requiring zero initial investment, OnVou fields a dedicated marketing team that is committed to driving online sales and aiding with marketing materials for its partners 24/7.

OnVou promotes and shares all its marketing materials across various social media ecosystems to expose its existing consumer base to more varying lifestyle experiences, resulting in a community of users who organically proliferate travel interest and appreciation.

One of OnVou's innovative features is a gifting system that allows users to send and share customised package deals to loved ones. Purchased vouchers can be sent to friends and family using OnVou's built-in voucher management system, giving users the ability to schedule the gift's date of arrival along with a personalized message.

Users can even purchase time limited deals at the moment they're listed, before scheduling the gift to be sent at a later date, maybe as a wedding present or an anniversary gift.

Built from the ground up for the express purpose of enabling partners to drive and increase their sales, OnVou is flexible, intuitive to use, and is equipped with powerful data analysis tools. Users get to enjoy a fluid shopping flow while partners gain useful data insights that can be used to discover consumer habits and trends. This results in an ecosystem where users enjoy a personalised experience, while OnVou's partnered brands can build long-term relationships with their premium customers.

About OnVou: OnVou's mission is to become a one-stop service that shifts the hospitality industry into a paradigm of greater access and connectivity, empowering providers and consumers alike. By creating a tailor-made 24/7 online data-driven marketplace, OnVou gives tourism the tools and services it needs to go above and beyond 21st century standards. Partner with www.OnVou.co today to discover a new frontier of hospitality with unprecedented opportunity.

Source: PCL Hospitality

A New online marketplace for discovering and buying travel and leisure deals