Calr's Jr. (Thailand) Catch New Marketing Trend Aiming Chinese expats in Thailand Collaborate with MILLIDEAS

Monday 29 March 2021 15:09
Calr's Jr. (Thailand) Catch New Marketing Trend Aiming Chinese expats in Thailand Collaborate with MILLIDEAS, a Thai-Chinese E-commerce Marketing Expert Increase Delivery Sale During COVID 19
Calr's Jr. (Thailand) Catch New Marketing Trend Aiming Chinese expats in Thailand Collaborate with MILLIDEAS

Carl's Jr., the American premium burger brand in Thailand celebrates its significant growth in delivery sales that surpassed the target. Various special promotions are expected to be launched recently. According to  Mr. Dvit Theeravithayangkura, Director of Operations, Sikder Group, that owns Calr's Jr. franchisee in Thailand said, the average sales of all branches from delivery grew by 19% in the beginning 2021, in comparison to the previous year. Sales value from food delivery of Midtown Asoke branch leaped by 90%, while the sales in Nana Square branch grew more than 44%. The branch in Pattaya also contributed 36% growth in delivery sales. The success comes from planned expansion of customer base from westerner expats to local consumers and Asian expats in Thailand. The partnership with Millideas, the Chinese marketing specialist, is hopeful to target Chinese expats in Thailand and to further attract more possible consumers.

Millideas is led by Mr. Thakorn Juntarnupattanar, the founder of the corporation and also a specialist in China market marketing and Chinese E-commerce. The company has successfully conducted online marketing in China for several famous Thai brands. The Covid-19 pandemic that lasted the whole 2020 has made marketing channels shift from offline to online. Brands invest more in online marketing since it takes only a smart phone and downloaded applications to catch up market trend, and can support the business easily. Based on years of experience of Millideas in Chinese online marketing, Thakorn gave 5 suggestions on online marketing operation that business owners should prepare for themselves in order to catch up the dynamic marketing trend nowadays. 1.) Keep an eye on the newest trend, which is important for marketing planning. Video content is still hot among social media users in both Thailand and China. Douyin (Tiktok) that clocked over 1 billion downloads is not the only application that aim this market. In 2020, Wechat had updated its function in order to compete with Douyin in this market. It's conceivable that video content will definitely take a leading role in Chinese social media and as an important online marketing channel. 2.) Study the communication channels, and pick the platform and pattern that fits your business and target audiences. 3.) Clearly define your target audience. 4.) Set a clear goal and work on brand building. 5.) Search for support from helpful business partner.

Considering the suggestions above, Carl's Jr. thus choose to join hand with Millideas and is going to launch a special online campaign named "Foodies Must Try". The activity will last for 4 weeks, and it is to cooperate with well-known bloggers and net idols to giveaway three items of signature burgers or other special awards to burger lovers every week via social media engagement games.

Week 1: super duo giveaway 3 items

Week 2: steakhouse combo giveaway 3 items

Week 3: we love sides giveaway 3 items

Week 4: big carl combo giveaway

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About Carl's Jr. (R)

Carl's Jr. (R) (Carl's Junior) is a brand of American fast food restaurants founded in 1941 by restaurant pioneer Mr. Karcher and his wife Margaret.  Starting from humble beginnings on a hot dog cart in California, USA, the Karcher's emphasis on quality fresh materials, affordability, excellent value and consistent customer service has culminated in the franchise reaching more than 3,900 branches in 46 countries world wide.

Carl's Jr. (R) (Carl's Junior Thailand) Established in Thailand by R&R Restaurant Group Company Limited under management by the Sikder Group Thailand (Sikder Group Limited), currently has seven branches in Bangkok and Pattaya:

Carl's Jr. (R) Bangkok Branches

  • Carl's Jr. (R) Nana Square (G Floor)
  • Carl's Jr. (R) Sukhumvit Soi 11
  • Carl's Jr. (R) Midtown Asoke (G Floor)
  • Carl's Jr. (R) Holiday Inn Hotel, Sukhumvit 22 (G Floor)

Carl's Jr. (R) Chonburi (Pattaya) Branches

  • Carl's Jr. (R) Terminal 21 (3rd Floor)
  • Carl's Jr. (R) Central Plaza Pattaya Beach (3rd Floor)

For more information

  • Website:
  • Facebook: CarlsJr.Thailand
  • Instagram: @carlsjrthailand
  • Hashtag: #CarlsJrThailand


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Source: Sikder

Calr's Jr. (Thailand) Catch New Marketing Trend Aiming Chinese expats in Thailand Collaborate with MILLIDEAS