G-Able affirms its position as a leader in the IT and Digital solutions service with "Beyond Limits" strategy

Monday 24 May 2021 16:55
G-Able affirms its position as a leader in the IT and Digital solutions service with "Beyond Limits" strategy. Becoming a System Integration Plus Plus (SI++) with flagship product launches. Partnering with a leading business transformation expert to optimize business transformation service towards a sustainable growth.
G-Able affirms its position as a leader in the IT and Digital solutions service with Beyond Limits strategy

G-Able Group, the leading total IT and digital solutions service provider announces its business direction and strategy for 2021, "Going beyond limits towards a sustainable growth". The Company is optimizing its strengths to become a System Integration Plus Plus: SI++ while still focusing on designing a robust IT infrastructure, embracing it to leverage capability to achieve business optimization. G-Able announced that it has partnered with 'Fire One One' to offer a one-stop service in Digital Transformation, as well as launching two new flagship products including 'Blendata' and 'InsightEra' under the leadership of the President, Dr. Chaiyuth Chunnahacha.

Mr. Nart Liuchareon, Chief Executive Officer of G-Able Group stated that, "At present, Global and Thai business organizations are facing increasing business challenges from the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic and the overdue economic cycle downturn. According to the Global 2021 CEO Survey by Gartner, a leading consultant company, regarding Top Business Priorities ranking of 2021 - 2022, it was found that many organizations are focusing on driving their business with digital technology. This will help to better meet the consumers' needs in various dimensions. First, increasing revenue and exponential growth with the use of new business models that focus on hunting new markets and addressing customers behaviors shifts in the digital era. Secondly, operating digital business with 'digitalization' way of working, adopting new technologies to reduce the redundancy and maximize efficiency. Thirdly, transforming the organizations by adapting the organization structure, strategy, business model as well as developing the people capability to become more agile and to improve the customer experiences. Under the leadership of Dr. Chaiyuth, G-Able Group is ready to assist customers in all industries of Thailand in transforming their organizations using digital technologies to drive the business to achieve targeted success.

Dr. Chaiyuth Chunnahacha, President of G-Able Group said "G-Able is a leading IT service provider company who has created key technology pillars for the customers. With more than 32 years of experience, we have a broad range of expertise, from innovating fundamental IT infrastructure to latest advanced digital solutions as well as offering solutions that help business organizations in all industries to enhance the competitive advantages. With our strengths, G-Able has many more competitive advantages than our competitors in many aspects. Firstly, we have more than 1,000 experienced in-house developers. Secondly, we have many success stories in different industries including finance, telecommunication, insurance, energy, and education. Lastly, G-Able has a strong relationship with leading global brand partners in IT and technology industry and we also have the capability of selecting hardware and software products from the internationally renowned companies."

In 2021, G-Able Group is committed to achieve a sustainable growth and "go beyond limits" with three strategies:

  1. Becoming a System Integration Plus Plus (SI++): A strategy to transform G-Able from a System Integration or SI to become a SI++. Aside from being an IT infrastructure integration, the Company will focus on helping the customers to maximize their businesses performance by leveraging various foundational technologies to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and security level. This can be achieved with G-Able's strengths in being technology savvy, and an ability to understand the customers and provide four highly critical global trend solutions which will impact all industry sectors including:
    • G Cloud Solution: A group of solutions providing a total Cloud Technology Platform serving significant growth in cloud market.
    • G Security Solution: A group of solutions helping protect corporate systems and data from today's dramatically increase of cyberattacks.
    • G Big Data Solution: A group of solutions focusing on Big Data management and data analytics to boost productivity and business.
    • G RPA Solution: A group of Robotic Process Automation solutions that optimize work efficiency and lowering the business operation costs.
  2. Making Transformation as a Service (TAAS) a new option: This strategy provides business with a new alternative of one-stop service for digital transformation. G-Able announces that 'Fire One One' Co. Ltd., a leading business transformation consulting company in Thailand partnered with G-Able in strengthening capability for business transformation service. With this collaboration combining G-Able's digital capability and creativity of 'Fire One One', G-Able will be equipped to deliver end-to-end solutions to help our customers transform their business organizations, ranging from being a strategic consultant to creating business optimization. This TAAS strategy will be a new S-Curve that generate future revenue for G-Able.
  3. Innovating and Growth building with Own IP Platform: This strategy focuses on developing G-Able's own intellectual property platform that differentiate G-Able from its competitors and contribute to an exponential growth. With more than 32 years of experience, the Company has developed a deep understanding of the customers' pain points and the market demand. With those insights, we proudly present two new platforms 'Blendata' and 'InsightEra'. 'Blendata' is a flagship product for the Big Data era. This all-in-one Big data platform helps organizations better manage big data and discover hidden opportunities within the data with endless and easy-to-use functionalities that requires no coding and at an affordable price. 'InsightEra' is a digital marketing platform which responds to business needs in terms of in-depth customer data analytics for a competitive advantage. G-Able is ready to launch 'Blendata', the new flagship product in June this year.

"G-Able is ready to move forward in a stable and sustainable manner to provide our customers with a total services and solutions through our 3 strategies. This will enable G-Able to grow exponentially and achieve the projected revenues for the next five years. In the past years, G-Able has been transforming our organization to fit a fully digital world. Technologies play a vital role in developing our strategy and creating market competitiveness. We develop our own IP platform leveraging the customers' and industry insights as well as determine to create value to business organizations.

With all the above, we strongly commit to surpass the revenue and profits expected.", Dr. Chaiyuth affirmed.

G-Able Group
G-Able Group is a leading total service provider of IT and digital solutions. With 32 years of experience, we have expertise in delivering solutions that meet the needs of organizations to maximize their operational efficiency and create opportunities for business expansion. Moreover, G-Able is committed to be a leader in the corporate transformation using digital technologies to drive all businesses changes, and to achieve success of the organization. For more information, please visit www.g-able.com

Source: Siam PR Consaltant