URC Thailand brings snacks to medical frontliners and people receiving vaccines to fight COVID-19

Friday 18 June 2021 10:47
Acknowledging and valuing the importance of vaccines and medical professionals who continue to work hard to keep us safe during the pandemic crisis.
URC Thailand brings snacks to medical frontliners and people receiving vaccines to fight COVID-19

As we moved into 2021, like many countries around the world, Thailand still fights the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Universal Robina Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (URC) saw how difficult the situation has been for the nation, and how hard the medical professionals—or as we refer to them with honour, "frontliners"—have been working on the frontlines to keep everyone in this country safe.

URC Thailand, proud maker of Jack 'n Jill, who have brought so much joy to our childhood since 1992 and continue to do so for our children today—with well-loved snacks like Roller Coaster, Dewberry, Fun-O, Tivoli, to name a few—brought happiness to the frontliners with their snack.

In hope to "Delight everyone with good food choice", URC Thailand introduced the medical professionals and people receiving their COVID-19 vaccines to Jack 'n Jill's latest flavour of Roller Coaster - "School's Pancakes". Every person growing up in Thailand has experienced the pancake vendors waiting for them to finish class at the front of their schools as a kid. The "School's Pancakes" flavour aims to bring back that nostalgic memory from when we were children. Also, to remind our children of today how much fun they used to have at schools, when schools were open as normal prior to the pandemic.

After over a year of the pandemic, Thailand has finally started vaccinating people. However, the nation can not yet rest assured as there are still new cases being found every day. URC Thailand together with Jack 'n Jill really hope that the new Roller Coaster's latest flavour would bring some smiles, joys, and nostalgic memories to all the heroes involved in protecting the nation from COVID-19, during this difficult time. On top of that, the people getting vaccinated will also get to enjoy this latest flavour from Roller Coaster, too.

Thousands and thousands of boxes of Roller Coaster "School's Pancakes" flavour were handed out to both the medical frontliners and people getting vaccinated at Bang Sue Grand Station Vaccination Centre; Thonburi 2 Hospital; Emporium Vaccination Centre; and Bang Lamung Hospital and others vaccination centre in Chonburi Province, in total of 41,472 packets, worth of 829,440 baht.

Universal Robina Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (URC) has started its business operation in Thailand since 1992 under the management of JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGS) who has been running the business in the Philippines for over 40 years. URC Thailand is behind Jack 'n Jill, the creators of Roller Coaster, Fun-O, Tivoli, Dewberry, Lausanne and many more. For the past 28 years, the company has stayed true to their core value, "Delight everyone with good food choice."

Source:  URC Thailand