"depa" grooms 4 of the best Thai game developers for international stage

Tuesday 22 June 2021 16:27
The Thai digital content industry, one of the key industries that the government wants to systematically expand, has grown exponentially in the past year. Galvanized by the 'Gaming industry', a sector valued as high as 29 billion baht with potential to continue growth at an average of 16.1% this year.
depa grooms 4 of the best Thai game developers for international stage

State-private jointly organizes the first mega project for Thai game developers

"Nattapon Nimmanphatcharin", President and CEO of Digital Economy Promotion Agency or depa disclosed that in seeing the growth potential of the Thai gaming industry and the capability of Thai game developers, cooperation with key partners such as Thai Game Software Industry Association (TGA) and Infofed Co., Ltd. was organized to set up depa Game Accelerator Program Batch #1 to select Thai game producers and developers in 4 popular game categories. In order to strengthen and prompt higher standards for competitiveness with world-class operators and captivate the interests of gamers on a variety of platforms, including on consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

"The depa team is working hard for the opportunity to seize further advantages for Thai game developers. Especially in the collaboration with Nintendo, another project key partner, that will be sponsoring game development kits (Nintendo DevKit) to our 4 winners: IGLOO STUDIO, PLASTIEK, FairPlay Studios, and Varisoft," said depa's President and CEO.

Comments from the winners of the 4 popular game categories

"Nat Rangsarannon" Game Director and "Ramil Salhani" Game Producer from IGLOO STUDIO, winner of the Action category with Bounty Brawl, said, "We feel that every team was good. In addition to the knowledge gained from the depa Game Accelerator Program, we also met new friends that helped and encouraged one another. And most importantly, it is a great opportunity for us to win and receive support with the Nintendo Devkit, and we plan to continue to develop games on Nintendo's platform."

"Thawatchai Chunhachai" Director from PLASTIEK, winner of the Adventure category with RRR Express, said that "The depa Game Accelerator Program organized classes that met the needs of game developers, provided business expansion, and presented a great opportunity with the DevKit. We have been wanting to make games that are compatible across multiple platforms and having received such support we will be able to extend our work to the Nintendo Switch, giving our games access to one of the world's most popular console game market."

While "Tanisorn Boonsung" Chief Executive Officer from FairPlay Studios, winner from the Strategy category with At Your Service, said that "We are excited and proud that our game won the Strategy category. And getting the Nintendo DevKit will allow us to make our games even better and make a difference in capitalizing them for business."

"Pitchaya Srifah" executive from Varisoft, winner of Sport (Casual Game) with Pakapow Party, said that "We are confident that depa is ready to support us as a representative of Thai game developer teams. This project is like the first door that will open us to the outside world and build a name for ourselves as Thais. Making games that are loved all over the world. It will also spark development teams in other areas of Thailand to go international and be recognized as the forefront of the world."

Nintendo ready to continue support Thai game developers

"Kamon Yoshimura", Head of Publisher and Developer Relations, Nintendo Kyoto, said, "We would like to thank depa for all the experiences from this project. We have seen the enthusiasm and skills of Thai game developers, and it has made us understand why the Thai gaming industry is growing so fast every year. And that in showcasing them out to the world, it is important to successfully follow the roadmap, but more importantly is maintaining a distinct identity and expressing that identity. Further on, we are happy to work with depa to connect with Thai game developers as much as possible and are ready to support them in catching the eyes of the world.

Source: Brand Communication