Yanmar unlocks Thai rice farmers' sustainable capabilities

Monday 12 July 2021 11:36
Yanmar SP Co., Ltd., a leader in agricultural machinery in Thailand, demonstrated its new rice transplanter, the 6-row YR60D model, boasting its performance as being specifically engineered for Thai rice paddy fields. The demonstration was carried out at the demonstration plot in Phichit Province.
Yanmar unlocks Thai rice farmers' sustainable capabilities

Mr. Tatchapon Chawintanachoti, Yanmar's Marketing Manager, mentioned that the recent success of rice transplanting demonstration in Nakhon Sawan Province has resulted in growing interests amongst farmers in the use of rice transplanters. Lately, Yanmar has carried out a demonstration in Wang Ngio Sub-district, Dong Charoen District, Phichit Province, in collaboration with local agencies and Klakrang Co., Ltd., a producer and distributor of quality rice seeds. This partnership aims to provide farmers with knowledge and understanding of the use of rice transplanters in order to reduce costs with higher returns and stable revenues. Rice transplanters can be operated by farmers easily, and the depth for upright transplant can be precisely controlled. All of these can be performed rapidly to produce high quality returns.

"Farmers are facing COVID-19 and Yanmar continues to give strong support to them in all areas of the country. This time, we worked and carried out the demonstration together with the local authorities involved. Importantly, farmers and those who took part in the show strictly followed the COVID-19 control protocols of the government," said Mr. Tatchapon.

Mr. Tatchapon said Yanmar used the patented YR60D model, a 3-cylinder, 19-HP TNM diesel engine, during this demonstration. The engine is stronger, tougher with better fuel efficiency and has shown its productivity to constantly transplant all day long. Apart from the marketing of high-quality products, in central and northern regions, Yanmar expanded its service centers to meet needs during the plantation period when simultaneous demands are required. In addition, prices have also been decreased for many consumable parts.

"Yanmar's main objective is to share farming knowledge with farming machinery applications. This helps to develop knowledge of Thai farmers and their capacity to grow rice, being more efficient at lower costs. As a result, they can produce better quality product, sell them at better prices and achieve stable earnings on a sustainable basis," Mr. Tatchapon concluded.

Interested farmers can visit Yanmar national distributors for more information or call 1668. Product catalogue is available at www.yanmar.com. Or follow Yanmar Facebook fan page at: Yanmarthailandfanclub.

Source: Vector Group Ltd.

Yanmar unlocks Thai rice farmers' sustainable capabilities