From Chinese Startup to Automotive Media in Southeast Asia

Tuesday 03 August 2021 09:30
As Thai automotive market is so attractive, Robin Su, CEO, AutoFun, chooses Thailand as the next country in Southeast Asia for a full automative service business after the successes on Malaysia and Indonesia markets.
From Chinese Startup to Automotive Media in Southeast Asia

With over 20 years of experience in Chinese technology, he was the Ex-CEO at Huawei and Alibaba Group. Mr. Robin Su, CEO, and founder of He thinks the automotive market in Thailand is interesting. It is the best market in Southeast Asia. The consumers have the good purchasing power with the diversity. This is suitable for the technology development for the product and content creation.

Prior to running, the team from Guangzhou, China has worked with the Thai team almost two years. We have studied in depth of products, market and consumers in order to develop for a business strategy. In June 2020, has officially launched to Thailand.

For the 1st year Anniversary in Thailand, AutoFun has created the automotive content with trendiness and entertainment. Users can participate in openly commenting on various issues. As a result, there are more than 930,000 monthly active users for a long-term test drives, Vlog, short series. Along with creating content through social media including Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, the number of followers is constantly increasing. And of course, we continue to develop different website platforms in order to become the automotive center for both searching for information and purchasing new cars for the users in Thailand.

In the future, Thailand is considered a very significant market in Mobvoayage's roadmap. Within 2 years AutoFun and Thailand team will be developed to be a global hub for the content, automotive industry, and product development. We will continue focusing on the Southeast Asian market with a strategy on posting the interesting content along with the valued and innovative product technology. We will refer those successes as a model and expand the automotive market in other countries. This is yet to be the center for car users all around the world to find the perfect cars and to reach the full automotive content.

During the current COVID-19 epidemic, AutoFun has conducted a survey on the consumer behavior in Thailand, the results show that the consumers have increasingly surfed internet for information. The demand for car purchases has not been decreased but slowed down. In the future, if the epidemic is under controlled, the number of voyages will be increased. This will definitely increase the demand of the car.

With the survey results, we believe that the information will encourage the automotive media in Thailand. As a newcomer in the automotive media, we would like to thank all our friendly media and the current and future business partners for the continued supports with AutoFun.

Mobvoyage has the current headquarter in Guangzhou, China with three regional offices: Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia under the name of WapCar; in Jakarta, Indonesia; and in Bangkok, Thailand under the name of AutoFun.

You can follow the information, reviews, search or trade the cars and others for the full services for automobiles at or Facebook: AutoFun Thailand and Youtube: AutoFun Thailand

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