Experience authentic flavors of Italian food and enjoy exclusive Italian products with up to 20% discount at "Italian Fair" at Central Food Hall and Tops online

Thursday 26 August 2021 13:36
Italy is a dream destination for many. In addition to its architectural wonders, Italy is also known for its cuisine, because its food is unique and delicious. Central Food Hall and Tops online under Central Retail, in partnership with Italian Trade Agency (ITA), invite you to experience authentic Italian food culture with "four exclusive dishes" created by Central Eatery chefs, as well as a range of exclusive products from famous Italian brands with up to 20% discount, at Italian Fair which runs from August 23 to September 7, 2021 at all Central Food Hall branches and on www.tops.co.th.
Experience authentic flavors of Italian food and enjoy exclusive Italian products with up to 20% discount at Italian Fair at Central Food Hall and Tops online

Enjoy browsing and buying products imported from Italy by more than 100 famous brands with more than 870 items on offer, as well as new products and exclusive products with up to 20% discount, such as:

Galup La Merenda Fragoline 100g, cake with strawberry and hazelnut icing, at only 119 baht. This household favorite makes a great snack with indulgent strawberry aroma that reminds you of springtime and summertime.
Domori Candied Orange Cubes Covered with Dark Chocolate 40g, at only 85 baht. This authentic chocolate is made with 100% chocolate, offering a rich and aromatic flavor of cocoa with a nice tang from orange.

Carandini Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother 500g, at only 175 baht. This vinegar is delicate, fresh with a flavorful aroma and distinctive flavor. Made with a selection of top-quality organic apples, it contains the "mother" strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria.

Bonta Italiane Prosciutto 70g at only 99 baht. This premium Parma ham is flavorful and can be used in various dishes.

Muraglia Rainbow Intense Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ceramic Jar 250ml at only 990 baht. This olive oil from Apulia fuses art with food. The oil is in a handmade ceramic jar, each of which is unique and timeless.
Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fumo (Smoke) 250ml at only 715 baht. An olive oil cold-smoked with natural wood, it has a unique aroma that adds a wonderful touch to every dish, turning even a simple menu into a professional-tasting one.

Ferrarini Parmigiano Reggiano 100g at 140 baht. This hard cheese is made with special combination of milk from Frisona and Jersey cows reared in its own farms in Italy. It goes through a minimum maturing period of 16-18 months, giving it a unique texture and aroma that makes it the King of Cheese.

Di Martino Dolce and Gabbana Pasta Linguine 500g at 109 baht. is an authentic Italian recipe made with premium ingredients, like wheat semolina together with the spring water coming from Monti Lattari. Its aroma and texture have won the heart of people worldwide.

In addition to products imported from Italy, don't miss delicious flavors of four authentic Italian dishes created by Central Eatery chefs, using premium ingredients and carefully prepared to indulge both Thai and international customers. If you want to try these dishes, visit Central Eatery at Central Food Hall or order them via Central Eatery on Grab Food to enjoy at home.

Begin your culinary journey with Porchetta Set, crispy porchetta with grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes. Premium porchetta is baked until crispy on the outside while the inside is tender and juicy, flavorful in every bite. It is served with naturally sweet grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes. The dish is priced at only 225 baht.

Continue with the 2nd dish, Chicken Florentine, chicken breasts topped with a creamy mushroom, and spinach sauce. This is a famous dish from Florence, home to Renaissance arts. Chicken breasts are stuffed with spinach and topped with parmesan cheese, mushroom and spinach cream sauce, baked to perfection to create a delicious taste that goes well with your favorite drink. Now you can enjoy a luxurious dish without leaving your home. The Chicken Florentine is priced at only 120 baht for a 300g serving,

The 3rd dish is Grilled Salmon & Tagliatelle Puttanesca, Norwegian salmon grilled and served with Puttanesca pasta. Italy is the capital of pasta, so authentic tagliatelle from Emilia Romagna is tossed with olive, anchovy and caper in a traditional recipe, resulting in a delicious puttanesca dish served with perfectly grilled Norwegian salmon, priced at only 175 baht.

Wrap up with Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, fettuccine in cream sauce with chicken and green peas, a heart-made dish that has a homely vibe like having a chef cooking for you at home. The chicken is grilled until tender and juicy, then added to indulgent fettuccine and creamy and cheesy Alfredo sauce, served with green peas. It is a popular menu among Italian food lovers, priced at only 175 baht.

Shop delicious food items imported from Italy and indulge in authentic Italian flavors at Central Food Hall or www.tops.co.th from today to September 7, 2021. Grazie!

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Experience authentic flavors of Italian food and enjoy exclusive Italian products with up to 20% discount at Italian Fair at Central Food Hall and Tops online