Epson Rolls Out EcoTank Models to Tap Further into Enterprise Market in New Normal Age, Reaffirming Market Leader Status

Monday 06 September 2021 17:37
Epson Rolls Out EcoTank Models to Tap Further into Enterprise Market in New Normal Age, Reaffirming Market Leader Status and Gaining More Market Shares from Laser Printers
Epson Rolls Out EcoTank Models to Tap Further into Enterprise Market in New Normal Age, Reaffirming Market Leader Status

Epson is adding vibrancy to the printer market in the latter half of 2021 by launching many EcoTank printer models. Responding to the needs of Work-From-Home and New-Normal offices, the launch highlights heat-free printing technology, offers best value through the devices' energy-saving and time-saving benefits, promises smooth continuous printing, and also lowers environmental impacts.

Mr. Yunyong Muneemongkoltorn, Managing Director of Epson (Thailand) Company Limited, says, "The lingering COVID-19 situation has continued to seriously affect the whole IT market. Chipset and parts factories are now struggling to meet demand, as some plants have to reduce their manufacturing capacity or even suspend operations to control COVID-19 transmissions internally. Adding COVID-19 impacts on international logistics and the shortage of products has happened. Demand for IT products, meanwhile, has been rising in response to work-from-home/study-from-home practices as well as growing hybrid working that has prompted the comprehensive allocation of solutions and facilities in support of operations in various areas".

"The printer sector recorded sales growth - in terms of both unit and value - especially in enterprise-class category. Devices in this category are not only efficient but also multifunctional, thus proving perfect to work-from-home mode and hybrid offices. Ink-tank printers had grown at the same rate as before with Epson's EcoTank dominating this sector. Epson's market share stood at 46% in the first half of 2021, up from 43% in the same period a year earlier. Because printer market has adjusted well particularly in B2B segment, Epson has decided to introduce new EcoTank models to diversify and bolster the Thai market. The new product launch promises to boost Epson's competitive ability to steal market share from ink-cartridge printers, laser printers, and even small photocopiers, as well as to reaffirm Epson's status as the ink-tank printer leader," he continues.

On the launch of various new EcoTank models, Mr. Yunyong says, "We have launched 17 new models at the same time to enhance our product portfolio. Now, we have 29 single-function and multifunction printers in the market to comprehensively respond to users' needs. While some models require cable connections, some others have convenient WiFi feature. Our devices, moreover, can deliver black-and-white prints, color prints, and photo prints. They also automatically facilitate doubled-sided printing. Some devices can even produce A3 prints. In all, the 17 new models can be divided into three groups: eight compact-printer models for home use; seven bigger printers for small offices or home offices; and two high-performance-printer models for corporates that want to carry out a huge volume of printing jobs with fast speed and high quality".

Highlights of the latest launch are EcoTank L6460 and L6490, the high-performance multifunction four-color printers. Designed for A4 prints, they are compact in size and perfect for use at various departments of enterprises that need to print up to 2,000 pages a month. Both models use water-resistant pigment inks for vivid colors and sharp texts. Their prints last long, without fading. Better still, such inks do not clog print head's nozzles. Each set of inks can print up to 7,500 black-and-white pages and 6,000 color pages. Their printing speed is also impressive, delivering 17 ipm of black-and-white prints or 9.5 ipm of color prints. Their First Print-out Time (FPOT) is 7 seconds for the black-and-white and 11 seconds for the color one. Equipped with a 250-sheet paper tray, they can print non-stop for a long while. L6490 model also comes to the market with a built-in fax system.

"Presently, medium and large enterprises have still been the major market for laser printers and photocopiers. In this market, EcoTank L6460 and L6490 will compete against laser printers that can print no more than 20 pages a minute. Together with our WorkForce inkjet printers, they will strengthen Epson's standing in this market," Mr. Yunyong says.

All new EcoTank models deploy Heat-Free printing technology, which saves users' cost in comparison with laser printers. Moreover, these models feature Draft Vivid mode that gives a clearer, more vibrant draft. Their enhanced paper feed is also compatible with various types of paper. In addition, these EcoTank models are compatible with Epson Smart Panel application. Their users therefore can order printing jobs from anywhere via their cell phones or tablets. Last but not least, these models have grid-texture surface for added luxury and non-slippery feature that proves real practical during transportation.

Mr. Yunyong continues that, "The outstanding strength of EcoTank lies with PrecisionCore print head with Heat-Free technology, which relieves customers of four burdens associated with laser printers. EcoTank reduces power consumption. It requires less warmup time. Comprising fewer parts and using fewer consumables, EcoTank is also easier-to-maintain and has lower risks of getting damaged. Better still, it is friendly to the environment both at office and at home as it cuts carbon-dioxide emissions".

Capable of handling various print materials, EcoTank is compact yet functional. It is an all-in-one solution. With high-capacity ink tank and paper tray, it reduces downtime of ink or paper refilling. Importantly, it is so friendly to the environment. Its parts are made of recycled materials.

In addition to the product launch, Epson has trialed reservations for its express one-hour repair service so as to provide convenience to customers who need to urgently use their printers. The express service is now in its first phase and still covers just inkjet printers. In the next phase, the express service will expand to dot matrix printers, projectors, and scanners as well. In the end, it will even cover all categories of Epson products. To deliver such express service, Epson Call Center and technicians determine if a device is eligible by analyzing its conditions and spare parts required. If the eligibility is confirmed, a service center will be notified. After receiving the notification, the service center will contact customers within one hour for them to make a reservation. When customer brings in the device on the scheduled appointment, their printer will be fixed within one hour. During the first phase, the express service is offered in Bangkok only. But this project will cover the whole Thailand in the future.

"In addition to presenting great products and services, we have also prepared CSR activities that resonate with the big benefits of our Heat-Free technology in hopes of sparking public interest in sustainability. Our regional headquarters have launched the "Turn Down The Heat" campaign in collaboration with National Geographic to address greenhouse effects in the North Pole that affect the world's climate. We plan to conduct an environmental campaign that is in line with our parent firm's direction and policy. Not only that our campaign will highlight product performance, but it will also underline our commitment to sustainable development in support of society and the environment," Mr. Yunyong concludes.

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Epson Rolls Out EcoTank Models to Tap Further into Enterprise Market in New Normal Age, Reaffirming Market Leader Status