ASAVA takes unique artistry of Thailand to the world with costume design for Lisa's solo album "LALISA"

Friday 10 September 2021 14:46
ASAVA, led by "Moo" Polpat Asavaprapha, designer and founder of Asava Group, is the mastermind behind Lisa BLACKPINK's customized silk dress in the music video of her first solo single - a rare treat with unique Thai flairs that will impress fans around the world.

Today, Blinks and Lilies that have long waited for Lisa BLACKPINK (real name Lalisa Manoban) debut solo album "LALISA" will have their wish come true. The album is launched with the first title music video, premiered today, with Lisa wearing long shiny cape croped top and wrapped mini skirt by ASAVA. Designed and customized exclusively for the international star, the hand-embroidered costume is made with brocade golden silk with traditional patterns from Lamphun Province, adorned with Swarovski's crystal embellishment. The stunning dress is a creative collaboration between YG Entertainment and ASAVA where much intricate details are involved - from the design process, the selection of Thai fabric and the sartorial techniques - to make sure that the dress showcase the perfect combination of Lisa's artistic concept and ASAVA's signature style. In this project, ASAVA chooses to flaunt the unique Thai artistry in contemporary approach with one-shoulder top that resembles Thai-style top sabai and wrapped skirt inspired by zin or sarong, a traditional-style skirt, with frontal pleats. Combined with ASAVA's contemporary spirit and signature silhouette, Lisa's character is further highlighted, resulting in a distinctive, one-of-a-kind outfit that also reflects the unique artistry of Thailand.

"Moo" Polpat Asavaprapha, Thai designer and founder of ASAVA said, "YG Entertainment reached out to me and said they wanted to collaborate with ASAVA in creating a dress made out of traditional Thai fabric for one of the artists in their record label. It was very confidential, and we had to work remotely and long distance with such limited timeframe. Therefore, I had to be very precise and thorough with the design concept, especially with the measurements which I only got to work with numbers on a paper. And YG Entertainment is very professional, and a privilege to work with. They were pretty firm with their concept but gave us enough freedom to interpret. We presented them with various sketches, from elegantly simple silk dresses to the intricate styles with more Thai details. We went through series of sketches with them, so I asked them to give us a reference that they had in mind, and they sent us previous designs by ASAVA. So, I think they had done enough research before deciding to contact us. And surely, they were looking for an outfit with distinctive Thai flairs and traditional features. And the outfit you'll see in the music video is the result of our work together."

With another internationally recognized work added to their name, ASAVA's recent collaboration with world-class music artist like Lisa BLACKPINK will further strengthen their success as international Thai fashion brand and help promote Thai silk to the world.

Source: Montree PR