Xinhua Silk Road: China-ASEAN Meteorological Development Index unveils 1st batch core results, further co-op achievements expected

Tuesday 14 September 2021 08:00
The China-ASEAN Meteorological Development Index, jointly compiled by Guangxi Meteorological Bureau and China Economic Information Service (CEIS), unveiled its first batch of core results at opening ceremony of the 6th China Meteorological Equipment & Service Exhibition held on Saturday in Nanning, capital of Guangxi.

The first batch core results include the China-ASEAN meteorological modernization standard system and the 2021 China-ASEAN Meteorological Development Index Report (Laos).

A total of 49 evaluation indicators are collected in the four dimensions of environmental support, meteorological observation, weather forecasting, and meteorological services, which constitutes the core result of the China-ASEAN Meteorological modernization standard system, according to the released information. 

The China-ASEAN Meteorological Development Index Report (Laos) provides data analysis and practical suggestions on Lao's meteorological development. 

It is learnt that the China-ASEAN Meteorological Development Index will keep in line with China-ASEAN Expo's choice of its subject country and roll out corresponding report annually in the future.

To strengthen the Belt and Road countries to share new opportunities in the digital era and further strengthen international meteorological cooperation, the index started research in May 2020 with the support of the China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

The index is to provide analysis on meteorological development of the ASEAN countries, according to Zhong Guoping, head of Guangxi Meteorological Bureau, noting that it can provide digital references for further cooperation in the meteorological sector between China and the ASEAN countries.

Xu Xiaofeng, head of the China Meteorological Service Association (CMS), said that the China-ASEAN Meteorological Development Index gathered multiple high-quality resources and collaborative innovations, laying a solid foundation for deepening international cooperation in the field of meteorology.

The index report showed that Laos had continuously improved its ability to prevent and reduce weather disasters and respond to changes in weather, with its weather forecast accuracy and other related indicators meeting the modern standard, said Li Xiao, China-ASEAN chief analyst with CEIS, China's leading economic information service provider affiliated to Xinhua News Agency.

The 6th China Meteorological Equipment & Service Exhibition is part of the 18th China-ASEAN Expo held during Sept. 10-13.

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Caption - Photo taken on September 11 shows the launching ceremony of core results of the China-ASEAN Meteorological Development Index.

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