Get to know "ORA", the 100% Electric Vehicle Brand by Great Wall Motor Smart Technologies and New Driving Experience are Coming to Thailand

Wednesday 29 September 2021 09:33
Great Wall Motor (GWM) is pleased to introduce the world's most interesting electric-vehicle brand, ORA, to Thai market. Boasting smart technologies and state-of-the-art innovations, this new brand promises to marvelously answer to consumers' lifestyles, changing needs and growing focus on green & clean solutions. ORA launch will take place soon for Thais to get close and personal with this vibrant brand.

Officially established on 20 August 2018, ORA is GWM's first Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) brand. Behind ORA's modern and eco-friendly design & technologies are talented and highly- experienced researchers, developers, and designers from across the world including Germany, Austria, the United States, Japan and South Korea.

ORA brand name derives from and is pronounced (O-Ra), which is pronounced similarly to the last name of world-famous mathematician/physicist Leonhard Euler. This man ranks among the world's most productive geniuses whose works have led to the development of countless innovations. His remarkable talent and pioneering spirit have resonated with ORA, which presents vehicles driven by not just new energy but also smart technologies. Looking like a circle inside an oval, ORA logo comes from the shape of an exclamation mark (!) as the brand seeks to communicate about GWM's commitment to creating new amazing inventions. ORA promises to usher everyone toward the future of electric-vehicle mobility and endless excitement.

Appealing Design Comes with Perfect New Tech, Culminates in Superb Signature

ORA offers a completely new category of electric vehicles, because its products boast highly-accessible design. Resonating with various lifestyles, they catch all eyes with their fashionista look and impress drivers, especially those from the new generation, with smart technologies. Their solid selling points are environmental friendliness and capabilities that make driving fun in all journeys.

ORA Revolutionizes China's Electric-Vehicle Market

After GWM unveiled ORA in August 2018, ORA launched ORA Black Cat late that same year to tap into the Chinese market. This new electric vehicle has been quickly recognized by the market for its fashionable design and excellent and stable product quality. Ora black cat can meet the vehicle needs of different scenarios, and can travel 405km on one charge. ORA Black Cat soon became one of the most popular new energy models in China. In just over two years, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 100,000 vehicles.

In the middle of 2020, ORA diversified its product line with the launch of ORA White Cat. This hatchback stands out in the market because of its futuristic design and high-tensile-steel body. After being fully charged, it can go for a distance of over 400 kilometers. Its large interior cabin is also highly safe. Because it functions as a smart car, it can connect and work well with a smart home.

ORA Good Cat Turns New Page for World's Electric-Vehicle History

ORA by GWM gave a big sensation to the world's electric-vehicle history again soon later with its launch of ORA Good Cat. Unveiled for the first time at the Chengdu Motor Show in mid-2020 in China and officially launched on 24th November 2020, ORA Good Cat proves so outstanding in its round and Retro Futuristic design. This model perfectly combines classic design with latest driving technologies. Its smart modular platform, GWM LEMON, is flexible and lightweight. Offering advanced security and high performance, ORA Good Cat is a smart electric vehicle that is not only appealing in design but also innovative in function. It therefore has won huge interest from the Chinese market.

During the past year, ORA has also continued to excite the electric-vehicle market with many more fantastic models such as ORA Good Cat GT Mulan, ORA Ballet Cat, ORA Lightning Cat, ORA Punk Cat, and ORA Cherry Cat. Every of these models comes to the market with striking design, outstanding functionality, and colorful touch. It therefore gives the image of modernity while responding truly to the various lifestyles of the new generation.

All such moves reflect ORA's commitment to constant development, which enables it to stay firmly on as a top-of-the-mind brand among Chinese consumers. ORA sold as many as 12,163 electric vehicles in the Chinese market last month. In 2021, its accumulated sales have already soared by 316% from the previous year to 71,961 units.

It takes ORA just three years to fly this high. Such remarkable success reflects that electric vehicle are not just about consumers' more cautious energy choice for their mobility. In essence, the growing popularity of electric vehicles are parts of the transition towards the age whereby arts and technologies are mixed into one same product for the goal of delivering smart, convenient, safe, and eco-friendly solutions to people across the world.

ORA is Ready to Build Thailand's EV Ecosystem, Support GWM's xEV Leader Positioning

During GWM's official launch in Thailand in early 2021, the company firmly announced that it was going to establish itself as the xEV Leader with Mission 9 in 3 strategy - introducing nine car models to Thailand within three years. After GWM launched All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV,HAVAL's first model in Thailand has received very warm response from Thais. In August, this model was the best seller in the compact SUV category. This year, ORA will be GWM's new brand to enter the Thai market. The launch of ORA here means Thailand will be the second country in the world to have welcomed ORA products. ORA Good Cat is set to be the first ORA model in the Thai market for Thais to enjoy.

Guided by its main strategy, GWM seeks to become a global brand by 2025 with its global sales expected to soar past four million units. If this sale target is met, GWM will account for 80 percent of sold alternative-energy vehicles. The launch of ORA in Thailand, a major market, is a milestone for GWM's pursuit of its ambitious goal.

Even in the face of Thailand's highly- competitive BEV (battery electric vehicle) market, GWM is confident that ORA will be the ultimate game-changer in the country's automotive industry and will finally spread its wing across the ASEAN region. GWM trusts that ORA products will become Smart Mobility Gadgets chosen by Thais for their convenience and good quality of life. ORA, in all, is expected to lay down the foundation for Thailand's EV Ecosystem by stimulating the formulation of policies as well as the development of tangible infrastructure that will pave way for Thailand to enter the next-generation automotive industry in all aspects - from manufacturers, to supply chain, and to consumers.

As a "Global Mobility Technology Company", GWM is now ready to revolutionize Thailand through the delivery of best products. Enabled by environmentally-friendly and smart technologies, GWM vehicles offer superior and new driving experience. They are upgrading not just Thailand's EV industry but also Thai economy so that they can prosper on a sustainable basis.

Source: Great Wall Motor