AIS joined hands with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to bring 5G potential to connect IoT technology as the power core of avant-garde solutions

Thursday 30 September 2021 13:49
AIS joined hands with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to bring 5G potential to connect IoT technology as the power core of avant-garde solutions for Thai industrial plants, emphasizing the goal of raising the capabilities of the manufacturing sector with intelligent technology.
AIS joined hands with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to bring 5G potential to connect IoT technology as the power core of avant-garde solutions

Empowering the industrial sector with smart network technology with 5G networks continues to be AIS's goal with the intention to increase the capability of Thai industrial factories to be as efficient as the world's leading factories through working with accomplished partners and a wide range of groups to promote the revival of the country and attract investment for the economy drive in the global picture. Most recently, AIS has partnered with Tata Consultancy Service (TCS), a consultant and IT service provider for business sector and leading industrial plants, for the development of IoT solutions that work on 5G smart networks to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector and the factory industry whole solution for smart industrial plants, digital twin solutions, energy management solutions, worker safety solutions or even logistics management solutions in order to help enhance factories and industries management reduce costs and create continuity of production for more efficiency.

Thanaphong Ittisakulchai, Chief Executive Officer of AIS Enterprise Group, said, "AIS's goal of bringing 5G potential connection to enhance the capabilities of the industrial sector continues to move forward in terms of developing the network to be efficient, generating the work in various sectors in all forms, and most importantly, in the part of working with partners, to share their ability in developing and passing on digital service or solutions that meet the needs of the factory as well as within the production line for better efficiency.

This is another important opportunity for us to work with our global partner Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a consulting firm and system integrator, to create solutions for IoT technology in order to support the work processes in the manufacturing sector to reach the potential needs of the modern work environment that aims to use technology to enhance efficiency in various dimensions of comprehensive work which includes building strong capacity and raising the confidence of the Thai industrial sector that will play an important role in driving the country in the future."

This collaboration between AIS and TCS brings together the two strengths of each organization to create a service that meets the needs of factories in Thailand by using their experience and expertise in leadership. AIS's IoT Technology and TCS's leadership and diversified enterprise IT consulting and services offer IoT solutions that help increase productivity, allowing continuous production as well as production cost control which covers all dimensions, particularly

  • Smart manufacturing Group: Smart solutions for industrial plants that enhance and increase the efficiency of various working processes in the factory by connecting data from machines and equipment by IoT to digital platforms such as condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, remote diagnostics, digital twin, etc.
  • Energy Management Group: Energy Management Solutions for the buildings, offices, industrial plants to achieve maximum efficiency, to maintain the environment and to considerably reduce the cost of several operating systems including the production line.
  • Connected Workforce Group: Solutions to empower employees to work remotely with cutting edge technology such as AR/VR to supervise work, train employees, give advice about work or even observe and prevent dangers that may occur to employees, such as the use of IoT to control the physical distancing, wearing the right work uniforms, proper behaviors in the working area, etc.
  • Logistic Optimizer group: Solutions for smart logistics and warehouse management that meets various applications efficiently in the factory

Vijaya Pandya, Country Head of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Thailand, added, "In the past, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has had a long history of working with industrial plants in Thailand and we realize the importance of digital technology that will help change the working potential of the industrial sector in a better direction, efficient in all dimensions in terms of management and cost control or even to create more productivity. And working with AIS will make our intentions concrete and practical.

We believe that this collaboration will encourage the industrial sector to be active and interested in the importance of digital technology in various processes for more tangible results. The goal that we and AIS both are anticipating is therefore not just to create change in the work of industrial plants, but we are also looking at the big picture that this cooperation will play a vital role in building the strengths of the country's industrial sector which will ultimately lead to more flexibility in the economy system."

For the manufacturing sectors or interested industrial plants can follow the details of the service at…ng.html

About AIS
Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS, the No. 1 Digital Life Service Provider with the most service frequency, totaling 1420 MHz and the most users of more than 43.2 million numbers (as of June 2021) has become the first to provide entire 77 provinces with 5G through three business lines: mobile phones, high-speed home internet under the AIS Fiber brand, and digital services in five areas; video, cloud, digital payments, Internet of Things (IoT) and partnership services. AIS continues its expansion into new business groups such as AIS eSports and AIS Insurance Service. All is to support the strength of the country's digital infrastructure, expand the capabilities of the industrial sector and improve the quality of life of Thai people at the same time.

Source: Polyplus PR