The PARQ Life joins force with legendary vegetarian eatery, Michelin-star restaurant and famous F&B outlets to celebrate the Vegetarian Festival 2021

Thursday 07 October 2021 10:38
The PARQ Life, the premium lifestyle retail space under the concept of "Life Well Balanced", joined hands with leading restaurants, cafes and lifestyle service outlets to celebrate the Vegetarian Festival 2021 with an exciting selection of vegetarian dishes from leading fusion restaurants, legendary vegetarian eateries and leading F&B outlets such as Sukiya, CHEAT DAY by Modish, Kope Hya Tai Kee, Sanyod Wok, Tonic, Shari Shari, mx cakes & bakery, CHA BAR, 722 Organic Milk Tea, Cha Tra Mue, Brave Roaster and BAB Cafe. Enjoy the sensation of vegan food parade while staying safe and worry-free with intensive hygiene measures observed throughout the retail space. Feel blessed and healthy, as well as enjoy the perks you deserve with special promotion - get a free cash coupon of 100 baht when spending 500 baht and a cash coupon of 200 baht when spending 1,500 baht from 1 - 14 October 2021.
The PARQ Life joins force with legendary vegetarian eatery, Michelin-star restaurant and famous FB outlets to celebrate the Vegetarian Festival 2021

Norawee Chatraporn, Senior Vice President, Head of Facility Management, Frasers Property Holdings (Thailand) Ltd. said that "To celebrate the Vegetarian Festival in the new normal, The PARQ Life invites you to feel healthy and gain merit with a variety of tasty vegan fusion food and drink menus uniquely created to satisfy and delight those who observe 10-day vegan diets every year as well as new-generation health-conscious consumers. With increasing number of people observing the festival, more and more eateries and restaurants strive to offer healthier, more well-balanced vegan food recipes with less oil and salt, using fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and nutritious. Come and enjoy peace-of-mind dining at The PARQ Life with our stringent safety, hygiene and COVID-19 control protocols. You can also choose to enjoy delicious plant-based meals on offer here by having them delivered directly to your home or office. The PARQ also joins hands with food and beverage outlets at our retail space to offer special promotion aiming at stimulating consumer spending during the last quarter of the year. We believe that the Vegetarian Festival 2021 is a great opportunity for Thai people to resume a normal life and bring back the sensation of bustling urban life, after the government has continued to relax lockdown measures over the recent months."

The PARQ Life was honored by Dr. Ajarn Khata Chinbunchon, an expert on ancient Chinese astrology, who visited and tried vegetarian dishes from selected restaurants and briefly explained the benefits of observing vegetarian diet during 6-14 October 2021 from spiritual and health point of views. "This year's Vegetarian Festival is more special than ever as it comes just right after the stressful moment where people had to adjust themselves in response to the changing situation during the pandemic. Now it's important to be mindful and attract positive energy into your life, in order to increase the immunity of your body and mind by refraining from eating meat, and instead turning to plant-based diets. This is a great time to cleanse the body, stay purer and healthier by giving your body a break from heavy digestion. We can easily find many tasty vegetarian food today as many eateries and restaurants come up with new approaches and adaptation of vegetarian food, by making it more colorful and delicious to appeal to more consumers. I encourage Thai people to join in the merit making while staying happy and healthy in the Vegetarian Festival."

Discover a full lineup of tasty vegetarian dishes from many famous restaurants exclusively available in the Vegetarian Festival at The PARQ Life.

Sukiya - the original beef rice bowl restaurant from Japan with more than 2,000 branches in its country of origin, and over 30 branches throughout Thailand. The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of The PARQ Life, decorated with trendy Japanese-style graphics, bright colors, spacious interior, and light wood tones for relaxed and comfortable dining experience.

Creative menus for the Vegetarian Festival are Sweet and Sour Soy Meat Karage Bowl, Soy Meat & Mushroom Rice Bowl, Soy Meat & Mushroom Noodles and Seaweed Soup.

CHEAT DAY by Modish - positioned as a 'Trendy Healthier Restaurant', CHEAT DAY by Modish intends to make food the center of happiness through cooking with extensive care, from the selection of ingredients to cooking process to achieve a mildly delicious taste with nutritional value. The whole new concept of healthy food is innovatively designed by team of meticulous nutritionists. The restaurant is ready to serve vegetarian dishes that are full of nutrients, including Tempeh Soba, Vegetarian Fried Rice Without Shrimp Paste, and Grilled Mushroom Salad.

Kope Hya Tai Kee - an old coffee shop that has been around for 68 years, widely known for its unique decoration that blends contemporary elements into old-fashioned coffee shop atmosphere. Indispensable decor is round marble table top and round wooden chairs that have been the signature of the restaurant.

The cafe celebrates the Vegetarian Festival with a variety of colorful vegetarian food and beverages that appeal to three generations of family members. Highlights are Rice Topped With Mixed Vegetables - rice stir fried with sesame oil and topped with mustard greens and 3 types of mushroom topping; Vegan Steamed Rice Noodle Roll - steamed soft and chewy noodles filled with a variety of vegetarian ingredients stewed until well blended topped with sweet, sour and spicy soy sauce; Roti with Vegetarian Green Curry - with the broth that has been boiled overnight and a variety of vegan ingredients served with puffed roti that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Sanyod Wok - the most famous Cantonese restaurant in Bangrak beloved by many customers who have been fascinated by its delicious dishes for more than 50 years. The crowned Michelin-star restaurant in 2018 has always paid great attention to ingredient selection and strictly adhered to the ancient art of cooking.

The restaurant welcomes the Vegetarian Festival with 5 carefully crafted menus: Stir-Fried Noodles with Water Mimosa and Vegan Shrimp, super soft noodles stir-fried until fragrant, mixed with soy protein and mimosa, and seasoned with a special sauce; Noodles with Hong Kong Kale in Gravy Sauce - a twist of the original recipe of San Yod's signature dish with Hong Kong kale, tofu and shiitake mushrooms; Stir Fried Noodles with Vegan Roasted Duck - soft and chewy noodles and vegan duck meat stir-fried until they turn fragrant, freshly seasoned with a special sauce, topped with shiitake mushrooms, Hong Kong kale shoots and carrots.

Tonic - a clean food restaurant with unique recipes in rotating menu, week after week, all created from high quality ingredients, with a clean, exotic taste not unusually found in other traditional healthy food eateries. Located on the 1st floor of The PARQ Life with open space, the restaurant features bright green tones to create refreshing and natural surroundings.

The restaurant offers several fusion dishes especially served during the Vegetarian Festival like Line Cilantro, Sesame Smashed Cucumber, Coconut Lemongrass Brown Rice and Tempeh.

Shari Shari - the first Sushi Burrito eatery in Thailand inspired by the new Grab-and-Go concept from the West Coast of the United States. Ideal for new gen of health-conscious consumers, the eatery serves delicious and healthy food in a rush, with unique taste achieved by high quality ingredients and sauces of its own recipes.

Highlight menus for the Vegetarian Festival are Sushi Burrito with Vegan filling, which is also available in bundle with fried pumpkin and green tea with roasted rice imported from Japan at a special discounted price.

Enjoy peace-of-mind dining vegan food parade at The PARQ Life, starting from 1-14 October 2021, with our special promotion - get free cash coupon that can be used in the next purchase at participating stores until 31 October 2021. Reassured with our stringent safety, hygiene and COVID-19 control protocols according to the measures issued by the government's health authority - temperature screening of all visitors at every entrance of the building, application of touchless technology at any point of service, routine deep cleaning and disinfection of building surfaces, as well as strict enforcement of wearing masks and maintaining a safety distance at all settings For more information and terms of special promotion and store information at The PARQ Life, visit or

Source: Ogilvy Thailand