Great Wall Motor Opens Thailand's First GWM Experience Center at ICONSIAM, Aiming to Set The 4th Space for Thais' New Experience

Thursday 07 October 2021 11:34
Great Wall Motor (GWM) has now opened Thailand's first GWM Experience Center at ICONSIAM, which is Bangkok's iconic landmark on the Chao Phraya riverfront, with the aim to establish this new facility as the 4th Space of Thais. It is going to be the place where Thais spend their time in addition to home, workplace, and lifestyle venue. Featuring a variety of special activities, work corners, recreational space, cafe, and a giant slide, GWM Experience Center promises to be the space where Thais can share experiences and good times as well as power up their creativity. Inside the center is also an exhibition that will amaze visitors with state-of-the-art, innovative, and eco-friendly automotive technologies. GWM Experience Center indeed presents impressive experience, comfort, and convenience in a way that comprehensively responds to every need and lifestyle of Thais and visitors.

GWM is bringing its 'User-centered' business strategy to the next level for Thais' new experience under the brand concept of "New Energy", "New Intelligence" and "New Experience". After receiving fantastic responses for its sales and online-to-offline (O2O) after-sales services via GWM Store and Partner Stores, GWM launched GWM Experience Center as a landmark creative space for consumers. The opening ceremony was held on 2 October 2021. Present were GWM executives, Siam Piwat executives, ICONSIAM executives as well as GWM fans. They warmly carried out activities together throughout the ceremony. 

Mr. Steven Wang, Vice President, Great Wall Motor ASEAN and Thailand, reveals that "We have given top priority to consumers in every step of our business operations - research and development, business planning, marketing, and events. With a strong focus on consumer needs, we always answer best to what consumers want. The launch of the GWM Experience Center in Thailand is both our pride and our milestone. We are now giving a new space for everyone to form their community of creativity, experience sharing, inspirations, and good times. We aim to establish GWM Experience Center as The 4th Space or the place people will spend time other than at home, workplace, or lifestyle venue. Everyone is welcome to step into GWM Experience Center to learn more and do their favorite activities. They may come here to work or wind down and know more about GWM brand and products through our display, innovations, and state-of-the-art technologies in each zone. All visitors can rest assured that they are going to enjoy the best experience, great service, and a warm welcome. We do hope that GWM Experience Center will bring GWM and Thais even closer".

Located on both the 3rd and 4th floors of ICONSIAM, GWM Experience Center spans over 1,600 square meters of space. Its decor is inspired by signature lines of the GWM logo and cars. It is dynamic and modern, resonating well with the top innovations and world-class automotive technologies of GWM. The interior and outdoor zone of the GWM Experience Center is decorated with trees and natural materials. In simple and contemporary hues, GWM Experience Center prominently demonstrates GWM's modern and eco-friendly technologies.

GWM Experience Center has seven zones, each with different activities and highlights, to respond to the various lifestyles and interests of visitors:


If you enter GWM Experience Center on the 3rd floor of ICONSIAM, you walk into its big and central zone. On display here are various GWM car models namely All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV's ULTRA and PRO. Both are now popular compact SUVs among Thais.

An eye-catching highlight in the zone is the LED Sphere. Featuring a 1.8-meter radius, this giant globe model weighs more than 350 kilos and has the brightness of 800 candelas per square meter. Equipped with wall-mount built-in speakers, it showcases GWM's smart technologies through interesting stories and ideas. This highlight also presents a great photo corner. Visitors should do a check-in with a photo shot here definitely.

Another highlight of this zone and also of GWM Experience Center is Giant Slide. Being more than 6.9 meters tall and over 15 meters long, this plaything welcomes both child and adult players. It is a means for ones to slide back to childhood, spur the imagination, and recharge batteries. This zone is interestingly designed as an amphitheater. It is perfect for various kinds of events. With the capacity to seat more than 100 participants, the amphitheater zone can be adjusted to suit the nature of each event, foster ties, encourage the exchange of knowledge/experiences, as well as offer a good time.


Exhibiting GWM's state-of-the-art technologies and innovations that are designed for the best interests of consumers, the environment, and the earth, this zone features an outstanding Intelligent Interactive LED Wall. This giant screen has the size of 14 x 3 meters, the definition of 7.5 million pixels, and the brightness of 600 candela per square meter. The screen is controlled by a computer and fully equipped with a sound system. Boasting LiDAR touch sensor, it offers interactive features and activities too. There are as many as five Interactive Touch Points on the screen. Up to five players can enjoy the interactions all at the same time. Intelligent Interactive LED Wall shows GWM's car models. At the center of the wall, visitors can watch the model in a 360-degree mode. With this wall, they will be able to explore new innovations, smart safety technologies, and special features of each car model in full.


Featuring two meeting rooms, the hall can seat 40 persons. Its marvelous design includes large glass wall so as to ensure meeting participants can enjoy the magnificent view of the Chao Phraya River. The Conference Hall's highlight is Interactive Smart Board or 86-inch touch screen. Combining innovative professional technologies, meeting rooms offer a white board, a projector, and a video-conferencing system. Up to four screens can be shown simultaneously. The system can also record the conference and content shown on the smartboard and broadcast it to compatible computers, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Such technologies respond excellently to the work style of this digital age.


Covering both floors of GWM Experience Center, it features indoor and outdoor sub-zones. The indoor one offers a cozy space. Visitors will feel like they are in a living room whereby they can handle their work or sip coffee with peace of mind. Its outdoor subzone, Sky Garden, is a fantastic highlight. Not only that this garden beautifully presents a variety of plants on the balcony, but it also includes chairs and tables. Visitors may sit down to work here, drop in to find inspirations, or just chill out for fresh breeze an impressive view of the Chao Phraya River. Add a cup of favorite beverages and the moment here will be so pleasant.


Featuring a 2.5 x 1.5-meter Interactive Wall, this zone tells the history of GWM. Founded in 1984, GWM has evolved over time. Its brand story includes the stories of how it has produced quality and highly-safe cars in detail. Its path to success is clearly rooted in its constant development. Visitors to this zone will know more about GWM.


Sitting on the upper floor of GWM Experience Center, this zone has Car Mapping as its highlight. It features a car model by ORA, the 100% electric vehicle brand by GWM that will enter the Thai market later this year. Enabled by Car Mapping technologies, visitors may digitally paint color on the model the way their imagination takes them. After they complete their piece of art on screen, it will be nicely projected onto the car model with the help of projectors and LED lights. Visitors can have amazing fun with their imagination through this activity. It is possible to save the photo file of their creation or take a photo with their painted car model, which can be uploaded on social media later on too.


Just as its name suggests, it has two sub-zones. The first is GWM Cafe whereby everyone can sit down and enjoy their favorite beverages. Interestingly, this zone has Interactive Coffee Table. Featuring a 55-inch digital screen, laser projectors, motion sensors and interactive pens, this table can count items on it in real-time. So, as soon as a cup is placed on it, its sensor system will identify the cup's location and display a cute animal graphic to add a touch of nature and earth-loving ambiance. Baristas are on hand to serve customers too. Moreover, visitors may use interactive pens to write down and share green ideas that will display on the screen. Such interactions over a cup of the favorite beverage are pleasantly innovative. GWM CO-KITCHEN, another sub-zone, is also interesting. Visitors may step in to cook creative items based on their creativity.

Mr. Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director, Great Wall Motor (Thailand), says, "We believe all consumers play a vital role in driving businesses and innovations. At GWM, this belief is our core culture and DNA. The opening of GWM Experience Center in Thailand underlines our commitment and determination to create open spaces for Thais or visitors to join our online and offline activities. Integrating futuristic technologies and innovations, these activities are well designed for engagement. For example, our interesting worships include TED Talks. Not just gurus but basically everyone can come forward to share inspiring stories and make positive impacts. We have also prepared facilities such as meeting rooms, work space, Co-Kitchen and recreational areas like an outdoor balcony with a good view of the majestic Chao Phraya River, an indoor chic cafe or a fun family zone like the giant spiral slide. These are the big highlights and the must-not-miss. We trust that GWM Experience Center will be a new happy home for Thais. It will put the smiles on the face of its every visitor".

GWM Experience Center features Experience Center Specialists too. They are on hand to take care of visitors, offering advice and facilitating activities in each zone for visitors' maximum convenience. Intelligent Ambassadors (iAM) are also there to help. If interested, visitors may consult iAM about GWM cars. Located on the 3rd and 4th floors of ICONSIAM, GWM Experience Center is open daily between 10 am and 8.30 pm (opening hours may change in accordance with ICONSIAM's service hours and government rules). You may follow updates about or register for interesting workshops/activities of GWM Experience Center via GWM Application and Facebook GWM Thailand.

GWM, as a global mobility technology company, will continue to honor its promise to continuously serve new experience to Thai consumers and usher them toward the future together. For solid steps ahead, GWM will deliver the best products together with smart and eco-friendly technologies in support of Thailand's electric-vehicle industry and economy paving way for them to prosper and grow further on a sustainable basis.

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