Beauty and Excellence of Korea's Traditional House "Hanok" Promoted in Bangkok

Thursday 11 November 2021 09:00
The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (KCHF) have been jointly staging the "Visit Korean Heritage Campaign" since July 2021. They recently launched this global campaign's third edition about Hanok, Korea's traditional house, releasing its promotional video on October 27 in the Central World, one of the busiest shopping malls in Bangkok.

Here are some highlights of the video:…p5b8gw4

Video caption - The "Visit Korean Heritage Campaign" video for Hanok in Bangkok

Multi-national people in a beautiful Hanok shows Daecheong Maru, an open floor hall, and Sarangchae, a space where you can enjoy nature through the windows, Gudeul heating system, paper windows, as well as Giwa and Ondol, the two functional parts of Hanok. They greet a pleasant morning and spend one special day, playing "Red Light, Green Light," a popular children's game in Korea, featured on Netflix's hit drama "Squid Game," in its open-air yard. And then they eat refreshments in the pavilion and drink traditional liquors in Sarangchae at sunset.

The video was filmed in Seongyojang, a representative Hanok located in Gangneung, a coastal city in eastern Korea. This National Folklore Cultural Heritage No. 5 is one of the Gwandong Korean Elegance Route" among the "Visit Korean Heritage" sites. This 300-year-old house has 99 rooms, showing the features of a typical upper-class residence during the Joseon Dynasty. It was the second-largest house next to the royal palaces. It has been well preserved and is still lived by the descendants. It features Hwallaejeong Pavilion, where the lotuses adorn the pond, and Dongbyeoldang, Seobyeoldang, and Sarangchae, which is good in harmony with nature.

This promotional video is played on the giant electric display board installed in the Central World, where Bangkok's hotels and shopping centers are concentrated. Since this area is very popular by many young people, especially Hallyu, or Korean Wave, fans, the CHA and the KCHF expect their third edition of the campaign will be paid off.

KCHF Chairperson Choi Young-chang said, "This is the right time to promote the beauty and value of Korea's cultural heritages because international interests in Korean contents are now higher than ever." "We are committed to extending these interests to cultural heritages so that many tourists can visit them in the post-COVID-19 era.

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Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest