Mahidol Engineering hosted GTRA Workshop on High Speed Rail on Official Opening of GTRA and Thai-German JDI 2021 Signing Ceremony

Tuesday 07 December 2021 09:10
Mahidol Engineering in cooperation with The German-Thai Railway Association (GTRA) held a workshop on 'High Speed Rail: The Changing Face of Thai Railways' on the official opening of GTRA. Highlighted by Saksayam Chidchob Minister of Transport together with H.E. Mr. Georg Schmidt signing the 'Joint Declaration of Intent: JDI 2021' to advance rail development in Thailand.
Mahidol Engineering hosted GTRA Workshop on High Speed Rail on Official Opening of GTRA and Thai-German JDI 2021 Signing Ceremony

Mr.Saksayam Chidchob, Thailand's Minister of Transport said, "The JDI 2021 signing ceremony between Thailand and Germany would continue constructive collaboration to empower sustainable development in economy, society and environment in line with the Thai government's policies. The Ministry of Transport has focused on development of transport infrastructure, especially the rail system as efficient and eco-friendly travel in the form of mass transit electric train projects, such as the Red Line, Blue Line, Purple Line, Pink Line, Yellow Line, and Orange Line. We are also developing double-rail networks all over the country to strengthen competitiveness, time and cost saving as well as to improve economic links. Moreover, two high-speed rail mega-projects are under construction and will connect the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and 6 countries of the Greater Mekong Subregional or GMS neighborhood.

Germany has been one of the world's leading rail developers with renowned R&D and production. Many projects in Thailand have also adopted technology from Germany. The inaugural operations of the German-Thai Rail Association (GTRA) in Thailand would enhance knowledge sharing, technology transfer and innovative training for personnels at all levels including experts, researchers and technicians to support rail development in Thailand. This would enable Thailand to become a rail maintenance, production and academic hub under the 'Thai First' policy to enhance rail industrial strength in the near future. "

Assoc.Prof. Jackrit Suthakorn, Dean, The Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University said,"The roles of GTRA are prominent steps in transfering rail knowledge and technology to new generations, researchers and personnels in rail industry. Mahidol Engineering is proud as one of the founding members of GTRA to connect the network between government sector in both Thailand and Germany, education circle and rail industries as rail community to work together and share experiences for the country's rail development. Prior to the extension of the Joint Declaration of Intent: JDI 2021, Thailand and Germany had signed a JDI since 2016 and all sectors concerned worked together on various constructive activities. Germany has been one of the world's strongest rail system with its long history in rail developments, digitization and electrification  We are confident that future collaborations through GTRA could contribute to Thailand and increase regional strength in rail development, connections and economic growth.  

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Waresasara Weerawat, Deputy Chair of CLARE, The Faulty of Engineering, Mahidol University said, "6th GTRA workshop on High Speed Rail: The Changing Face of Thai Railways had many highlights, such as Operation Challenges for Eastern high Speed Rail, by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Waressara Weerawat, Mahidol Engineering, Eastern High Speed Rail Linking 3 Airports: Behind the Challenges, by Mr.Sak Man Mak; High Speed Rail Project Director, Asia Era One Co.,Ltd; and High Speed Rail Electrification: Benefits and Challenges, by Prof. Dr. Arnd Stephan, Chair of Electric Railway TU Dresden, Germany. The event was honored by Prof. Dr. Nisai Euengwarodsakul, Dean of TGGS and Chair of the German-Thai Rail Association, Mr.Tomasz Mazur CEO of Siemens Mobility among many honorable guests from the public and private sectors.

During the past 20 years, the Thai government and private companies have invested high levels of funding to develop efficient mass transit systems and simultaneously generate economic growth. With high investment and advanced technology in long-route networks, the task to make high-speed rail is challenging. Sharing knowledge, technological collaboration and direct transfers from experts and experienced technicians will help rail projects run efficiently and will bring collaboration between academic, researchers and industry for success in sustainable development."

Source: Brainasia Communication

Mahidol Engineering hosted GTRA Workshop on High Speed Rail on Official Opening of GTRA and Thai-German JDI 2021 Signing Ceremony