Obodroid and Obotrons Join "Powering Digital Thailand 2022 Huawei Cloud and Connect Asia-Pacific Innovation Day"

Thursday 16 December 2021 10:02
Obodroid and Obotrons Join "Powering Digital Thailand 2022 Huawei Cloud and Connect Asia-Pacific Innovation Day", Highlighting Their Leadership in New Technology and Devices
Obodroid and Obotrons Join Powering Digital Thailand 2022 Huawei Cloud and Connect Asia-Pacific Innovation Day

Mr. Lertluck Leela-amornsin, Tech Strategy and Innovation Director of the robot developer Obodroid; Mr. Polnut Chalermwan, CEO of Obodroid and Obotrons, a leader in systems integration; Ms. Piyatida Itiravivongs, President of Thailand Huawei Cloud Business Department, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd; and Mr. Weifeng Chen, Global Partner Development & Alliance Department Director of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, at "Powering Digital Thailand 2022 Huawei Cloud and Connect Asia-Pacific Innovation Day", showcasing innovations in Cloud, 5G, and AI.

In the event, there is a show Connecting the smart city system (Smart City) The city of modern innovation connected To meet the lifestyle of people today to be more comfortable and livable, KAITOMM, a companion/personal assistant robot, and SR1, a security robot with 360? artificial intelligence (AI) camera with face recognition, object recognition, and fall detection to enhance safety and peace of mind 24 hours a day.

KAITOMM is a companion/personal assistant robot that makes life easier for all ages, connecting them quickly and easily with everything on the planet. The robot understands commands and can talk with users in Thai and English. It can link with home automation to control lights and electrical equipment. It can also connect with medical devices to measure vital signs to help maintain its user's health. A built-in camera can be used for security and video calls. Other functions include reminders, alarms, prayers, and weather checks. KAITOMM is suitable for use in residences as an assistant caregiver for users of all ages.

SR1 is a security robot that can follow a set route through its Auto-Navigation System. It carries a 360-degree camera to collect information, images, and sounds. The robot has artificial intelligence (AI) to identify items such as faces, objects, animals, or weapons and to send swift alerts to security staff. An emergency call function lets residents or bystanders instantly request emergency assistance. SRI is suitable for maintaining security at residences, department stores, and other large spaces.

About Obodroid

Obodroid develops robots and artificial intelligence (AI) for sustainable life quality. The company gathers Thailand's top experts in robotics and AI. It researches and develops service robots including security robots, reception robots, advertising robots, delivery robots, operator robots, and personal assistants. The company's technology enables robot to perceive, understand, and interact with humans effectively, performing service tasks and missions that benefit all life. Inspired by its vision of robots harmoniously contributing to all areas of life, Obodroid is a collaboration between HG Robotics, a specialist in robotics and automation, and MQDC, a leading real estate developer in Thailand.

About Obotrons

Obotrons offers experience and expertise in developing and installing intelligent systems across many fields. The team can apply and adapt systems in new and creative ways to meet the needs of each installation. The company has a strong track record in real estate and is expanding into other industries, with domestic and international partners to help it achieve its goal of building a smart city that provides sustainable happiness. The company continues to embrace new opportunities to develop skills and innovations for private- and public-sector organizations for well-being under its watchword of "Innovative Solutions for Happiness".

Source: DTGO