Merger creates Real Smart, Thailand's first digital super agency

Friday 17 December 2021 17:26
Saenruk Innovation and Minted Digital Agency, two leading digital communications agencies, today announced they have merged to create Real Smart, Thailand's first digital super agency, combining proprietary leading-edge technologies and guru-status digital communications professionals. With this merger, Real Smart aims to provide its clients with a seamless, one-stop solution for all their digital communications needs
Merger creates Real Smart, Thailand's first digital super agency

Mr. Phukij Dhittaranon, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Real Smart Co., Ltd., Thailand's first digital super agency, said the merger brought together market leading expertise in comprehensive digital marketing communications solutions.

"This is the first digital super agency in Thailand," said Mr Phukij, "stemming from the merger between Saenruk Innovation, the leading expert in real-time data management, social media monitoring, data analytics and software services, and Minted Digital Agency, the digital marketing and online trend specialist."

Real Smart is under the leadership of four gurus who bring market-leading expertise and extensive experience, namely Mr. Phukij, a social media guru, Asst. Prof. Roongroj Chokngamwong, Ph.D a technology guru, Mr. Ukit Tangsubkul, a digital marketing guru, and Mrs. Pongtip Thesaphu, a crisis management & public relations guru. By combining these market-dominant skills, Real Smart is determined to fulfill its clients' needs in a more diverse and comprehensive manner like no other digital agencies.

With such differentiated business operations, Real Smart aims to offer digital marketing communications services that meet all their clients' needs, ranging from both proactive and reactive marketing strategies to brand reputation management and crisis alert. Services include Digital Public Relations; Social Media Monitoring which helps the brand understand the customers' needs from online and offline conversations, and capitalizes on these deep customer insights to efficiently plan marketing strategies, PR campaigns or create engaging content for customers; Digital Marketing, which offers expertise in digital marketing communications and the latest trends in the online world; and Real-time Data Analytics, the process of managing and analyzing big data to uncover real-time information and best respond to customers' demands.

"Going beyond limited-service agencies, Real Smart's digital super agency status means it is responsive to all our customers' complete digital communications needs," explained Mr. Ukit. "We offer groundbreaking technology and our own patented software such as the ARUKAS application which can create warnings and display results in smart data format on smartphones, featuring overall brand image analysis, brand threat monitoring and real-time reports through our real time data platform to enable effective and timely monitoring and management of online crisis situations."

"We are offering a comprehensive, superior service for both proactive and reactive marketing including professional crisis management and monitoring to effectively strengthen and protect the clients' brand reputation," affirmed Mr. Phukij.

Currently, Real Smart Co., Ltd., has been trusted by many public and private organizations as well as state enterprises across different sectors including the energy industry, automobile, finance, real estate, computers and IT, hospitals, healthcare and cosmetics, consumer goods, communications and public relations, retailers, insurance and entertainment business, etc.

With this expertise and the delivery of fully equipped services that can effectively meet the clients' needs, it is estimated that the company will achieve revenue growth of about 25-30% in 2022.

Source: Integrated Communication