3BB GIGATV launches newest channel, "Global Trekker," a Multi-genre factual entertainment channel

Friday 24 December 2021 09:42
3BB GIGATV continues to serve entertainment to please subscribers by adding the newest channel, Global Trekker to the package.  This channel aims to open audiences to a world of new discoveries, where viewers can learn about nature and wildlife, cultural and gastronomy experiences around the world, get insights on businesses, find innovation and technology that helps improve daily lives and sustainability, embrace in the lives of popular personalities, and encourage appreciation of arts and history.
3BB GIGATV launches newest channel, Global Trekker, a Multi-genre factual entertainment channel

3BB GIGATV currently offers a full range of premium channels for the whole family, including cartoons, sports, infotainment, news with more than 30 other premium channels. A new addition of Global Trekker channel is expected to satisfy Thai audiences very well.

Global Trekker channel consist of five genres:

  • Nature & Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • Business
  • Destination & Food
  • Personality & Art

3BB GIGATV customers can now watch Global Trekker (Channel 502) starting today, featuring shows that are first in Asia such as TIME100, All The Food in the World, Endangered Wildlife Sanctuary and Inside Legoland. Viewers can also expect to see documentaries of popular personalities which includes Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Elon Musk and more. Subscribe to 3BB GIGATV to experience its premium entertainment content together with high-speed internet broadband.  For anyone who is interested, register now at 3BB shop nationwide, or visit website www.3bb.co.th and 3BB Member application.  For more information, please contact 1530.

Source: 3bb