Culinary legend opens for takeaway

Monday 27 December 2021 16:03
After serving as Executive Chef of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok for four decades, during which he made the hotel renowned for its second-to-none restaurants and banqueting as it picked up multiple Best Hotel in the World awards, Chef Norbert Kostner is embarking on a new entrepreneurial adventure.
Culinary legend opens for takeaway

Well-located on the ground floor of the Mall Ngamwongwan, the new delivery-and-takeaway restaurant recently had a grand opening and was presided over by Chaipattana Foundation's secretary-general Dr. Sumet Tantivejkul. , Gourmet Box by Chef Norbert takes 'fine food at home' as its heart-felt theme to meet the new normal needs of contemporary consumers.

All menus are properly stored in clean sealed containers and come with serving directions. Just to be sure a QR code on each package provides cooking information.

Meanwhile, if a customer wants to do something special with their order, Chef Christian is on standby to take their call and pass on a tip or two.

As for the range of menus initially offered by Gourmet Box by Chef Norbert including

  • Rotisserie spring chicken - the restaurant's signature dish
  • Ready-to-cook beef steak sets
  • Pasta - authentically Italian
  • Homemade sausages

Ordering convenience food from Gourmet Box by Chef Norbert is at your fingertips. Simple key your selections into Line @gourmetbox and easily hook your order up with Robinhood online food delivery app. More information, please call 082 490 3443.

Source: Maxima Consultants

Culinary legend opens for takeaway