LINE MAN's "Fun Facts 2021" "Coffee" is the best-seller with a total of 6.3 million cups

Monday 10 January 2022 08:59
LINE MAN unveiled its "Fun Facts 2021" collected from 5.9 monthly million users placing orders at more than 500,000 restaurants from all 77 provinces throughout 2021. This has created a food delivery and shopping phenomenon on LINE MAN.
LINE MAN's Fun Facts 2021 Coffee is the best-seller with a total of 6.3 million cups

LINE MAN Fun Facts 2021

  • "Coffee" (กาแฟ) is the best selling menu with 6.3 million cups delivered throughout the year. The coffee cups delivered are equal to a distance of 765 Phu Kraduengs combined. "Coffee" (กาแฟ) also beats 2020's best-seller "fried chicken" (ไก่ทอด) which had 5.3 million pieces delivered.
  • Hottest menu during the lockdown lifting period (October to November 2021) is "grilled chicken" (ไก่ย่าง) — which is also crowned the menu with the highest delivery growth — followed by "crispy breaded chicken" (ไก่ทอดชุบเกล็ดขนมปัง) and "pork skewers" (หมูปิ้ง).
  • LINE MAN riders' full-year delivery distance totalled 655 million kilometers, which is 16,344 rounds around the world.
  • "Chon Buri" "Chiang Mai" and "Nakhon Pathom" are provinces with the highest number of delivery restaurant new openings.

LINE MAN as a food delivery champion of a half-half program featuring the top three half-half menus from six regions.

  • Half-half food delivery was bustling, as LINE MAN served a special promotional campaign and 5-km free delivery service. There are more than 57,000 participating restaurants on LINE MAN platform from a total 82,000 restaurants joining the half-half scheme. All this contributes to a 284% growth in the number of new LINE MAN users.
  • Restaurants with half-half sales volumes on LINE MAN see an highest average growth of 3.5 times after the scheme ends (compared between 1-4 September 2021 and 1-4 January 2022).
  • "Fried rice" (ข้าวผัด) is an all-time favourite among Thais, making its way to the top-three list in all six regions.
  • "Iced espresso" (เอสเปรสโซ่เย็น) — Thailand-only coffee recipe — is still a big hit.
  • Northern favourites: Spicy papaya salad with fermented fish (ตำปูปลาร้า), fried rice (ข้าวผัด), green tea (ชาเขียว)
  • Isan favourites: Forest-style salad (ตำป่า), green tea smoothie (ชาเชียวปั่น), fried rice (ข้าวผัด)
  • Eastern favourites: Iced espresso (เอสเปรสโซ่เย็น), fried rice (ข้าวผัด), green tea smoothie (ชาเขียวปั่น)
  • Central favourites: Iced espresso (เอสเปรสโซ่เย็น), fried rice (ข้าวผัด), spicy papaya salad with fermented fish (ตำปูปลาร้า)
  • Western favourites: Fried rice (ข้าวผัด), chicken rice (ข้าวมันไก่), savory crepe (เครปไส้คาว)
  • Southern favourites: Fried rice (ข้าวผัด), noodles in gravy sauce (ราดหน้า), iced Thai tea (ชาเย็น)

LINE MAN MART: A quick commerce shop where anything can be sold.

  • In 2021, LINE MAN penetrates the Quick Commerce market with LINE MAN MART, a service where customers can order goods from supermarkets, convenient stores, retailers and fresh markets with 30-minute quick delivery to the doorstep. This very well responds to the demand of Thai consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic where people are willing to pay more for convenience and lower infection risks. LINE MAN MART also serves as a new channel for retailers to reach customers.
  • Hottest year-end items (October to November 2021) with the highest growth include "shabu-style pork belly" (หมูสามชั้นชาบู), "jasmine garlands" (พวงมาลัยดอกมะลิ) and "cat food" (อาหารแมว). This reflects Thai's behaviours where they tend to have more activities at home, be they having a shabu hot pot with family members, praying at home as well as keeping cats as pets. Quick and instant delivery service is available at fingertips in a way traditional e-commerce is not capable of.
  • Most-searched items are "fruit and vegetable" (ผักผลไม้) and "drinking water" (น้ำดื่ม). Also "krathong" (กระทง) is most searched during the Loy Krathong festival.
  • "Fresh food shops (fresh markets and vendors)" (ร้านของสด (ตลาดสดและร้านแผงรวมของสด)) see the highest sales volume on LINE MAN MART in response to the cooking-at-home trend and instant delivery demands.
  • Shop categories with the highest openings are "dried and processed foods" (ร้านอาหารแห้งและอาหารแปรรูป), "health foods and supplies" (ร้านอาหารเพื่อสุขภาพ) and "grocery shops" (ร้านขายของชำ).

Joining marketing campaigns to have fun on promotions throughout the year!

  • LINE MAN creates mini games on the application so that users can have some fun and win a discount coupon. The games were played 13 million times all through the year.
  • A single LINE MAN Super Fan can collect 20,000 LUCKY POINTS in LINE MAN LUCKY BOX campaign, an equivalent to 200 100-baht discount coupons (worth 20,000 baht).

From the "Fun Facts 2021" data, LINE MAN will move forward to make the delivery market all the more colorful in the Year of the Tiger. This means not just food delivery services but also all other types of products available online via LINE MAN MART. As a leader in on-demand platforms, LINE MAN is determined to improve its service quality, increase promotional values and expand the variety of shops for all Thai users across the country.

Source: เวิรฟ พับบลิค รีเลชั่นส์ คอนซัลแตนท์ซี

LINE MAN's Fun Facts 2021 Coffee is the best-seller with a total of 6.3 million cups