Chia Tai Launches "Because We Dare" VDO Series Unveiling Story of Inspiration from Bold Farmers that Leads to Sustainable Happiness

Tuesday 11 January 2022 17:01
What is your definition of Sustainable Happiness? It is time to discover sustainable happiness with the introduction of the first-ever corporate VDO "Because We Dare" presented by Chia Tai Company Limited, Thailand's leading innovative agricultural company, which reveals impressive real-life stories of people in agricultural industry who have strong passion and take pride in their career. Stories in this corporate VDO series will show how these strong individuals dare to fight against all odds in pursuit of their passion, while also demonstrating the agricultural career stability that includes not only income security, but also lasting satisfaction.
Chia Tai Launches Because We Dare VDO Series Unveiling Story of Inspiration from Bold Farmers that Leads to Sustainable Happiness

Chia Tai has been growing alongside the Thai people for over a century, developing the company into a leader in agricultural innovations alongside sustainable development through 3P Pillars of Chia Tai's sustainability consisting of Prosperity, People and Planet. Chia Tai is dedicated to growing the organization in tandem with social development, while also strengthening agricultural careers and food security for consumers, as well as aiming to conserve the environment in all value chain processes. In so doing, the company strives to enhance people's quality of life on a sustainable basis. More notably, in a bid to offer sheer inspiration to Thai people, Chia Tai kicks off "Because We Dare" campaign to illustrate three positive and inspiring stories of people in agricultural careers who never give up and are ready to take action with clear perspectives and ambitions to pursue their passion until they eventually discover sustainable happiness.

You can watch the first episode of "Because We Dare" VDO series titled "Because We Dareā€¦ To Start" through Facebook: at…P_ZURI/ and YouTube: Chia Tai Group Official at…IqIre9Q from now on.

Source: Chia Tai