Krungsri builds on innovation development by launching "Krungsri iPro" Opening accounts for business, without going to the Bank

Wednesday 12 January 2022 11:38
Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL) has launched "Krungsri iPro", a new financial innovation for the opening of business accounts (for juristic persons) in the digital age, aiming at improving the experience of SME customers and helping them overcome the traditional complicated procedure with the technology that provides them with convenience, streamlines the documentation process and allows them the make appointments for services as desired without having to travel to the Bank. All necessary processes are accomplished in one stop and the newly opened accounts can be used immediately.
Krungsri builds on innovation development by launching Krungsri iPro Opening accounts for business, without going to the Bank

Mr. Sayam Prasitsirigul, Krungsri Chief Information and Digital Office, said, "Development of technology and innovations is the key factor driving Krungsri's business. We aim at developing the innovations that fulfill the customer's needs and establish good customer experience. "Krungsri iPro" is another innovation that Krungsri earnestly introduces to improve the experience of SME customers. It will not only reduce the process complexity in account opening which previously involved a large amount of documentation and required the company's authorized signatory to perform identity authentication at the Bank, but also enhance the speed and quality of services as customers can use the account together with other financial tools immediately.

"Krungsri iPro" is developed by the technology under the concept of 3 PROs, i.e., Professional - truly understand the customers' needs, streamline the documentation process which is complicated and time-consuming for customers; Proficient - connect real-time company data with the Open API platform and the identity authentication with e-KYC technology; and Proactive - ready to provide prompt services as customers will receive the account number immediately and are able to make the transactions as well as using various features via the service of Krungsri Biz Online without delay."

Ms. Duangkamol Limpuangthip, Krungsri Head of SME Banking Group, added, "Because of the close collaboration with SME entrepreneurs, Krungsri is well aware that time is the most valuable asset for business. Accordingly, Krungsri places emphasis on bringing in technology to address the traditional process complexity to simplify the work processes for all transactions. We have already launched "Krungsri iPro" pilot program to provide service to SME customers through our relationship manager. The service has been very well received and able to create new and better customer experience as they can open a business account and an internet banking account simultaneously. The service is faster, safer, and easier; and is regarded as another evidence of success of Krungsri in performing the role of the "main bank for SME customers" that is ready to provide financial services and enhance the capability of Thai SME customers."

Customers can open up to 3 business accounts (for juristic persons) including savings account, current account, and fixed deposit account, as well as activating the service of Krungsri Biz Online instantly. Make an appointment for the service with your relationship manager or seek further information at Tel. 02 6262626.

Source: Bank of Ayudhya PCL