Stratus Technologies Aims to Revolutionise Businesses in Thailand with Edge Computing

Wednesday 26 January 2022 15:48
Stratus Technologies' edge computing technology and solutions aims to enable more Thai companies across multiple sectors to transform for more excellent business performance, productivity, efficiency and contribute to the realisation of Thailand 4.0, the country's Industry 4.0 masterplan. Utilising industry leading-edge computing capabilities, Stratus Technologies is revolutionising how companies leverage IoT, analytics and AI to make faster and more informed decisions. As a result, industrial enterprises from all automotive, healthcare and robotics sectors can now make faster, more informed decisions.
Stratus Technologies Aims to Revolutionise Businesses in Thailand with Edge Computing

"Edge computing will play a significant role in fulfilling Thailand's Industry 4.0 ambitions, as real-time events and data generated by physical equipment or sensors in the real world can now be processed and analysed in near real-time using localised, low-powered computing resources on the edge of the network," said Lin Hoe Foong, Managing Director of Stratus Technologies for Asia South. He added, "Gartner expects Thailand's spending on cloud to grow as much as 28.2% this year, driven by edge computing and virtualisation as enterprises look to adopt these emerging technologies. Moreover, the government has signalled support for companies embarking on such a transformation. With our Thai solution partners, Stratus is poised to help Thai companies gain a competitive edge, be at the forefront of technology and offer the best customer service in their respective industry."

Stratus Technologies helps companies gain a competitive advantage in their respective industry with a portfolio of services that vary depending on the needs of the business, granting access to data from a multitude of sources and applications in real-time and on-demand. As the Thai economy undergoes a digital transformation, they must look beyond the data centre and into the cloud, potentially creating significant latency issues as data needs to travel through multiple networks across the country.

"Edge computing addresses the limitations of the cloud computing model by distributing resources to remote devices running business-critical processes and applications. This approach avoids challenges of remoteness and costly centralised data centres," said Regional Sales Director of Stratus Technologies for North ASEAN, Xyvier Goh. "Stratus's zero-touch ztC Edge Computing platform is additionally designed to be easily installed, deployed, and managed without needing specialised skills. In addition, our systems can swiftly mitigate fast-evolving cyber threats and self-heal without human intervention. With these unique capabilities, Stratus makes Industry 4.0 an affordable and technically achievable undertaking for Thai businesses regardless of their physical location. And with enough installations, the economy makes meaningful progress to fulfilling Thailand 4.0."

Developing robust infrastructure is not just about building new and more extensive infrastructure. Often, existing infrastructure can be used to create better infrastructure. With the ztC Edge Computing platform, Stratus has provided a way for enterprises to make the most of their existing infrastructure by implementing edge computing solutions to create a new foundation for modern IT in Thailand. This method is cost-effective and provides a cost-saving solution that increases the productivity of IT operations.

The ztC Edge Computing platform makes it easy for Thai businesses to apply data analytics in real-time. By using Stratus's affordable, simple, secured, autonomous, and scalable platform, companies can quickly see how their customers and consumers interact with their products, stay abreast of the market's pulse, and better understand the market, which helps businesses be ahead of the curve.

Source: Mind PR