Bumrungrad announces its success in treating BPH with water vapor therapy - delivering positive results with 70-95% patient satisfaction.

Wednesday 26 January 2022 16:28
medical technology and medical research have advanced to develop minimally invasive surgical procedures which minimize surgical trauma. This is done through technology assisted less-invasive surgery performed by specialists to reduce pain, shorten hospital stays, and minimize complications, while maintaining effective treatments.
Bumrungrad announces its success in treating BPH with water vapor therapy - delivering positive results with 70-95% patient satisfaction.

Pharmacist Artirat Charukitpipat, CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital, reveals, "Bumrungrad has always realized the importance of raising our standards for more effective treatments. One of our vision statements is to adopt latest medical technology so Thai patients have access to a variety of treatment options which meet their needs. Our teams of specialists, nurses, and interdisciplinary healthcare professionals are devoted to delivering international standards of healthcare to our patients. Recently, the urology center at Bumrungrad performed non-surgical water vapor therapy to treat BPH for the first time in Thailand in early September 2021. The treatment yielded positive results with great patient satisfaction.

Dr. Viroj Chodchoy, Medical Director of the Urology Center and Specialist in Urology at Bumrungrad International Hospital states, "During the past five months, there have been 65 BPH patients at Bumrungrad. Their ages range from 60 to 80. 70%-95% were satisfied with the results of the treatment. Our teams of urologists are following up with 53 cases to evaluate their treatment results after a month. Overall, urination has improved. To elaborate, the patients' urine stream is stronger and faster. Before treatment, the average urination rate was 10.6 milliliters per second. Post-treatment, it increased to 22.5 milliliters per second. Patients feel they can urinate fully with almost three times less leftover urine. Before treatment, patients had 90.7 milliliters of unpassed urine in their bladders. Post-treatment, that amount was reduced to 36.3 milliliters. The amount of urine passed by patients increased from 194 to 288 milliliters. Blood loss is little at 0-10 milliliters. Patients will actually notice the results of the treatment within one month and the best results can be achieved from three months onwards.

The treatment results are Bumrungrad's remarkable success in treating BPH patients with water vapor therapy for the first time in Thailand. The innovative water vapor therapy takes 10-15 minutes, and there is no need for a hospital stay. Water vapor therapy allows for a faster recovery, has fewer risks, and the prostate returns to its original physiological state and function sooner. It has zero or minimal effects on sexual health. Importantly, water vapor therapy is applicable for difficulty urinating in cardiovascular, stroke, diabetic, and obese patients.

The three main factors which influence people's decision to get water vapor therapy for BPH at Bumrungrad are:

  1. Confidence in our specialists' expertise and experience in water vapor therapy for BPH
    Our urologists give accurate information and answer patient questions thoroughly before treatment, so patients have all the information they need to make a good decision. Our urologists determine which patients qualify for water vapor therapy.
  2. Reliability in our effective teamwork
    Our patients and their families rely on our medical teams when they experience us paying attention to every detail of each patient. The urology center at Bumrungrad is one of our Centers of Excellence. At the urology center, urologists, nurses, pharmacists, and multidisciplinary healthcare professionals all have a lot of experience and expertise and are always ready to deliver the best heath care during treatment. We also follow up with each patient to ensure they get the best results.
  3. Trust in our reputation and international standards of safety
    We provide customized treatment options that meet our patients' needs. We deliver effective medical care that meets international standards of safety and receives global recognition. We have many patients who travel from around the world to get treatment at Bumrungrad.

Dr. Teerapon Amornvesukit, Urology Specialist (Genito-Urinary) at Bumrungrad International Hospital, adds, "The urology center believes when the spread of COVID-19 is better controlled, there will be more patients coming to the center with difficulty urinating, frequent or urgent need to urinate especially at night, or inconsistent urine stream. These negatively impact their quality of life. Below, our patients describe their feelings after treatment.

  • One patient, who was an avid runner, had to stop to urinate all the time. After treatment, he is less worried about the need to urinate and can run longer distances.
  • One patient took medication to treat BPH. However, there was not much improvement. After water vapor therapy, his condition has improved, and he does not have difficulty urinating anymore.
  • Some patients used to take 5-10 minutes to urinate because of a weak, inconsistent urine stream. Today, he takes less time to go to the bathroom and does not feel any different from healthy people.

Bumrungrad's Urology Center is constantly moving forward to improve treatment standards for prostate conditions, including prostate cancer, and male & female reproductive system diseaes to ensure the best possible results. There are 25 specialists at the urology center who can accurately diagnose medical conditions in a timely manner. Moreover, the center is equipped with innovative technology and teams of healthcare professionals who are devoted to providing effective treatments, customized to meet each patient's needs.

Source: Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bumrungrad announces its success in treating BPH with water vapor therapy - delivering positive results with 70-95% patient satisfaction.