Okuma and Tech NC reaffirm to join INTERMACH this May

Thursday 03 February 2022 09:05
Okuma and Tech NC reaffirm to join INTERMACH this May, bringing imported and advanced machinery and technology to exhibit at the event serving as the best solutions for the recovery industries.
Okuma and Tech NC reaffirm to join INTERMACH this May

The digital era and modern technologies are transforming the industrial sector into structural reforms. The industry, which is entering Industry 4.0, is not only focusing on productivity competition in line with global megatrends, but also the sustainability of the production supply chain. The main technologies that will play an important role in the industry in the next few years include 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), drones, Edge computing, or Big data processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D printing technology controls digital design and manufacturing. These are increasingly being used in industrial sectors. Tech NC, the giant Japanese machinery dealer Okuma's Brand Authorized Distributor, has recognized the importance of constantly sourcing these innovative machines to meet all business demands covering all dimensions.

Mr. Sanchai Nantakijsophon, Managing Director of Tech NC Co., Ltd, said "The industrial sector plays an important role in the business sector. The heart of the industrial sector is machinery and technology. Tech NC has the vision to meet those demands. Under this year's action plan, we focus on supporting our customers' manufacturing processes to increase productivity in both mold work, parts production, and automated production processes. Therefore, modern innovative machines will be continuously imported. This ensures our customers that we will continue to act as an effective intermediary in strengthening the Thai industrial sector towards innovation for sustainable development.

Besides having advanced and modern machinery, the strength of the company, which we always prioritize, is after-sales service. This makes customers confident in Tech NC. The company is ready to present innovative machines that we are distributors for many global brands, including Okuma, Mitsubishi, Toyoda, Amada, Seco Tool, etc., at the show of advanced machinery technology. INTERMACH 2022 to showcase innovative machines that offer different, precise, and excellent technologies and solutions for those interested in developing the manufacturing process into the future."

The machines that Tech NC will be exhibiting at INTERMACH 2022 will include high-quality machines to support the customer's production process covering mold work, parts production, and automated production processes by using automation, AI, and high precision mold work. Okuma's MB series machines with Intelligent technology help to improve machine efficiency in terms of function or operation. It has a Thermo-Friendly Concept that controls the structure temperature and Spindle Machining Navi that can help to find the best cutting condition in milling and many other functions from Okuma that make it a recognized brand in industrial machinery all over the world.

Mr. Yoshiyuki Miyagawa, Managing Director of Okuma Techno (Thailand) Ltd, said that Okuma is a manufacturer and importer of high-quality Japanese machinery that provide sales and after-sales service. Okuma's main customers are automobile manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, compressor manufacturers, chiller manufacturers, agricultural machinery manufacturers, etc., as well as customers who produce EV cars which will be a new trend in the future with greater demand in the market. We are adjusting our working strategy to the current situation to bring highly innovative machines to meet our customers in all sectors to ensure that our customers grow and succeed together sustainably.

As a result of the recovery of the Thai industrial sector, Okuma, together with Tech NC, will bring the machines to exhibit at INTERMACH 2022, which will be held at BITEC, Bangna. It is expected that in May there will be many customers who are looking forward to attending the event to update trends and innovations in machinery. As Okuma Thailand is the center of service in the ASEAN region, customers across ASEAN are looking forward to meeting and learning about new machines that offer solutions with new technologies and provide the most efficient products for customers. We are ready to arrange a team of engineers who are experts in production technology, as well as an application team that provides advice on how to use machinery for supporting our customers and create close relationships with customers at this year's event on a normal platform, Mr. Miyagawa added.

In addition, besides being an opportunity to showcase the potential of highly innovative machines, Okuma and Tech NC also offer excellent service, which is the heart of the companies. At the event, participants can see the machines and test the machines' efficiency by themselves. Expert engineers from the companies are ready to give advice and service. The companies are confident in the management of Informa Markets, which has been organizing INTERMACH continuously for over 3 decades.

Mrs. Sukanya Amornurathkun, Senior Event Manager of Informa Markets - an organizer of INTERMACH 2022, said that innovation and technology are key factors that will drive the Thai industrial sector in the 4.0 era. INTERMACH 2022 is an exhibition of machinery technology for the manufacturing industry to be organized at the perfect period in May. This year will be held under the concept of "SMART TECHNOLOGY FOR MANUFACTURING". Over 1,000 leading entrepreneurs and brands bringing technology with the latest industry solutions have already been confirmed to exhibit at the event. 

INTERMACH is a technology and machinery exhibition that has been in Thailand for a long time; hence, the event always receives confidence from all sectors. Those who are interested can visit the event and test the machines and their performance by themselves through a normal event organization. Moreover, there is also a seminar joined by experts from various industries to educate all participants with having many interesting seminar topics such as INTERMACH Forum, Present trends in digital manufacturing - Empowering SMEs, Seminar on Future Automotive Manufacturing, 3D Printing Technology, etc., which all participants will be fully gained knowledge from the event, Mrs. Sukanya concluded.

Meet the leading advanced machinery and technology with over 1,000 leading manufacturers to exhibit at INTERMACH 2022 schedules from Wednesday to Saturday, May 18 - 21, 2022 in Hybrid Edition platform under the Informa AllSecure, a world-class safety standard at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC), Bangna. For more information and movements of the event, please visit www.intermacshow.com. 

Source: HIT 2 PUBLIC

Okuma and Tech NC reaffirm to join INTERMACH this May