With the Sales Continuing to Rise in February, Chery International Maintains the Vigorous Trend of "A Good Start in the Year of the Tiger"

Monday 21 March 2022 16:30
Recently, according to the latest sales data released by Chery, Chery sold 60,419 vehicles in February, up 26.4% year-on-year. On the export side, Chery's export sales in February reached 19,997 vehicles, up 9.3% year-on-year, and its cumulative export was 46,897 vehicles, up 33.9%, maintaining the vigorous trend of "a good start in the Year of the Tiger."
With the Sales Continuing to Rise in February, Chery International Maintains the Vigorous Trend of A Good Start in the Year of the Tiger

Under the great influence of chip supply shortage, Chery International has achieved rapid sales growth by introducing new products and technologies and constantly creating user value.

In Brazil, according to the data released by Fenabrave (Federao Nacional dos Distribuidores de Ve?culos Automotores), Chery continued to rank among the top nine in passenger car sales with a sales volume of 3,241 vehicles in February, and Chery's cumulative sales volume from January to February reached 6,372 vehicles, accounting for 3.36% in the passenger car market. In the car segment, Chery's hot-selling model Arrizo 6 Pro ranked fourth with a market share of 5.35%. On February 17th, Brazil launched Tiggo 5X Pro, a brand-new Pro Family blockbuster product, and invited well-known KOL to come to the scene for the celebration.

In the Russian market, which has been deeply cultivated for 17 years, Chery has always been a "national car" in the eyes of local people. According to the data released by AEB (Association of European Businesses), Chery's cumulative sales in February increased by 46% year-on-year. On March 1st, Chery launched a brand-new Tiggo 8 model in Russia, which attracted much attention once released.

Today, Chery has 10 million users worldwide, including 2 million users outside China. Up to now, Chery has established 6 R&D bases, 10 overseas factories and more than 1500 overseas distributors and service outlets, with a total overseas production capacity of 200,000 units/year, ranking first in the export of Chinese brand passenger cars for 19 consecutive years. In February, OMODA 5, a "global car" developed by Chery with "user thinking + Internet thinking", officially rolled off the production line in Wuhu factory, and would be launched in overseas markets as scheduled in the first half of this year. Chery will strive to achieve the annual export volume of 400,000 vehicles and further accelerate the globalization strategy.

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