Meet the beloved pets of six Thai artists on Spotify playlists this National Pet Day

Monday 11 April 2022 11:32
Spotify reveals adorable portraits of artists and their best friends in takeover of top Thai playlists
Meet the beloved pets of six Thai artists on Spotify playlists this National Pet Day

To celebrate National Pet Day, Spotify caught up with six of Thailand's favorite artists to talk about their personal connection with their pets as they together grace the covers of Spotify's top local playlists.

Helping pet owners and fans bond over the music they love, Spotify is featuring Thai talent such as URBOYTJ, Ink Waruntorn and THE TOYS on the covers of some of Thailand's most streamed playlists that highlight the best of local music across various genres including T-Pop and Hip Hop, as well as the latest global hits favored by Thai listeners.

Learn more about the six featured artists and their adorable pets as part of their Spotify Playlists takeover for National Pet Day:

  1. URBOYTJ - on the cover of ฮิปฮอป ของมันต้องฟัง (Hip Hop A Must Listen)

"I love my three cats - Manoch, Manee and Mana - and how cute they are with one another.  But the best thing about them is how they've made me become a "softer" person. They've healed my heart and feelings in ways that they don't even know. Every time I come home from work, they would walk up to me and ask for cuddles and play, and that's what I consider my daily dose of healing." - URBOYTJ

  1. THE TOYS - on the cover of เพลงไทยยอดนิยม (Thai Pop Hits)

"I've always loved animals. I have one dog named Baby, and the cutest thing is when Baby knows I'm tired and would cheer me up by running and crashing into me!" - THE TOYS

  1. Ink Waruntorn - on the cover of เป๊ะ ดัง ปังเวอร์ (Super Loud)

"My four dogs - Fu, Mini, Black and Tiger - always make me feel better because when I look into their eyes, I can see and feel the love they have for me. I think that pets help us not feel lonely and teach us to take care of others more. They make us responsible and bring happiness to the household with their cuteness!" - Ink Waruntorn

  1. Bowkylion - on the cover of Hot Hits Thailand

"I love everything about Bear and Tuna, my two dogs. Just seeing their little paws as they wait for me to get home is already the pinnacle of happiness. I believe that pets give us the purest form of unconditional love. They touch us with genuine warmth that can't be found anywhere else, and this special bond is what we will always hold dear to our hearts." - Bowkylion

  1. Whal & Dolph - on the cover of เป็นท้อ (Peach)

"Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved caring for animals. Back then, I raised squirrels, lizards, dogs, and now, I have my Java Sparrow bird, Kiru. One of the things I cherish most about my pets is definitely seeing them grow with me!" - Por, Whal & Dolph

"My cat Kewkew behaves just like a dog. When I'm home, Kewkew will take me to my bedroom door at bedtime and jump on my lap asking for head scratches. I really think pets love us wholeheartedly and their presence energizes us!" - Namvon, Whal & Dolph

  1. Patrickananda - on the cover of ฮิตติดกระแส (Hits and Viral Thailand)

Finally, Patrickananda is taking over the cover of one of Thailand's top playlists ฮิตติดกระแส with his furry companion Louise, who shared the journey to his meteoric rise.

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Meet the beloved pets of six Thai artists on Spotify playlists this National Pet Day