Betagro enters the plant-based food market with the launch of 'Meatly!' expanding its customer base to flexitarians and shaping the future of food security

Monday 06 June 2022 11:49
Betagro is expanding its business into the alternative protein market with the launch of Meatly!, a premium plant-based protein product offering the same satisfying texture and flavor as pork using a savory recipe "GLUMI" for ready-to-cook products. The launch aims to expand Betagro's customer base to flexitarians and a new-generation consumers looking for a more health-conscious diet without sacrificing on savory taste, and restaurant operators that never compromise on quality ingredients and wish to offer a variety of delicious menu options. This emphasis on a reinforced commitment to promote food security through food innovations while providing high quality and safe food products to consumers.
Betagro enters the plant-based food market with the launch of 'Meatly!' expanding its customer base to flexitarians and shaping the future of food security

Mr. Vasit Taepaisitphongse, Chief Executive Officer and President of Betagro Public Company Limited, said that good health is becoming increasingly recognized together with changing consumer behaviors towards reduced meat consumption and a flexitarian diet on some meal by enjoying an alternative proteins. This shifting behavior is playing a pivotal role in driving plant-based food products into one of the most anticipated world food trends with exponential growth momentum.

The Department of Industrial Promotion (the "DIP") expects the global plant-based food market to reach USD 25 billion in value by 2024 from USD 16 billion in 2019, representing an average growth rate of roughly 10.5% per year. Thailand's growth rate is also expected to be in line with global trends of approximately 10% annually and a total market value of approximately 45 billion baht in 2024 (based on DIP's journal (March - April 2021 issue).

"In response to changes in consumer lifestyle habits, Betagro launched Meatly!, a plant-based protein offering consumers alternative high quality, safe food products at reasonable prices. This is also one of the approaches to shaping the future food security, as the United Nations estimates the global population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050 while 25% of meat consumption will be replaced by plant-based proteins in the next nine years. Therefore, we are confident that Meatly! offers the perfect solution to helping mitigate the causes of food shortages projected to occur in the future," said Mr. Vasit.

Ms. Voralun Taepaisitphongse, Founder in Residence, said that Meatly! is a new premium-quality alternative protein product made from carefully selected, high-quality raw materials with soybean protein as the main ingredient, with 100 grams of Meatly! containing 20 grams of protein, offering the highest level of protein compared to other brands currently available in the market. Meatly! is rich in fiber, using wheat to provide a silky texture, and rice bran oil, an excellent source of healthy fats providing natural moisture. Meatly! also contains oryzanol, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and beetroot to simulate the color of meat. The well-balanced recipe of Glumi Meatly! offers close similarities in both the taste and texture of pork, making it suitable to cook as a meat substitute in any meal using a tasty plant-based protein.

Meatly! products are available in three different flavors: Plant-Based Katsu, Plant-Based Cheese Katsu, and Plant-Based Minced Pork. Consumers can choose from convenient B2B marketing channels through more than 10 popular partner restaurants including Easy Buddy, 137 Pillars Bangkok Trading Post, Plantiful, LELE by le mai anh, Little Mermaid, Babyccino, Co-Limited, and Aoringo, as well as B2C channels such as Betagro Deli, and leading modern trade stores. Thanks to its distinct scent and texture, just like real pork, any dish made from Meatly! will quickly become a signature menu option and a hit with consumers.

"Betagro is committed to deliver high-quality and safe food products at fair prices for all consumers. The market launch of Meatly! will help magnify Betagro's position of being "A Caring and Compassionate Friend to All" contributing to sustainable happiness and well-being. We invite everyone to try Meatly! products and enjoy tasty, premium-quality, and healthy plant-based proteins that suits everyone's appetites, and which can be easily used in a range of different menus -just like real pork. Alternatively, you can conveniently experience Meatly! from renowned chefs at over 10 popular restaurants. I'm very proud of and highly recommend Meatly!, a new plant-based protein product that can turn a simple meal into delicious and healthy recipes on a regular basis," concluded Mr. Vasit.

Source: ABM Connect

Betagro enters the plant-based food market with the launch of 'Meatly!' expanding its customer base to flexitarians and shaping the future of food security