Inspiring Thailand Connectivity Hub

Friday 17 June 2022 16:53
Recently TCC Technology (TCCtech) was invited to share experience under the topic: Inspiring Thailand Connectivity Hub in the BKNIX Peering Forum.  In this occasion, we collected some interesting points, especially for you.  It's the story of TCCtech about how they inspired to be Connectivity Hub. Their intention is to serve for Thailand's development of internet traffic to flow well with great efficiency, low-latency and high-reliable communications networks to connect all communities in Thailand.  Over a decade, TCCtech have continued grooming the connectivity hub as known as "Bangna Data Center (BNDC)" and many providers & leading enterprises worldwide recognize them.
Inspiring Thailand Connectivity Hub

Three main elements, which made them the renowned Thailand Connectivity Hub, are:

1.Network Neutrality

TCCtech aims to make the services open to everyone.  With the Network Neutrality Concept, their customers and business partners can have freedom of choices and select whatever they feel benefit the most.   Within this ecosystem, it's like magnet, which attract & bridge the various levels of organization together. TCCtech is like facilitator to help their customers and partners connect to one another & grow together.

This ecosystem consists of the various clusters, for example, their diversified base of enterprises customers: Enterprises from various sectors like BFSI, food, manufacturing, Real Estate, listed Companies and also MNCs. Variety kinds of services providers: NSPs, CDNs, CSPs, ISPs, NIXs, IIGs etc. and technology partners: both local & international partners. (You also may find more detail about the connectivity hub at

2. Network Effect Phenomenon

Regarding TCCtech's established community, it's the value from the increased number of those who look for optimal network. Top global companies are there at BNDC so they attract business partners to the ecosystem. They may find it convenient and efficient to connect with their peers.

3. People's Expertise

Their engineering pools are highly qualified with experience, solid knowledge base, discipline and well-trained to assist customers when needed. 

All in all, Network Neutrality, Network Effect Phenomenon and People's Expertise are the key contribution to the trust and make TCCtech as the preferred choice.  Further information about them, you may find at

Source: Mind PR

Inspiring Thailand Connectivity Hub