Thai industries join hands with Huawei to increase competitiveness with 5G application to drive Thailand as ASEAN digital hub

Monday 20 June 2022 09:18
At 'Thailand 5G Summit 2022', held on 16-17 June 2022, Huawei Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. joined with a network of 5G partners in Thailand from a wide range of industries in demonstrating their vision, including details of cooperation in the application of 5G technology, with the public health industry, manufacturing industry, and smart city projects in Thailand. The aim was to increase the potential and competitiveness of all industries in Thailand, including driving Thailand to become an ASEAN digital hub.
Thai industries join hands with Huawei to increase competitiveness with 5G application to drive Thailand as ASEAN digital hub

Mr. Simon Lin, President of Huawei Asia Pacific, talked about the importance of applying 5G technology to increase the potential of industry in Thailand: "5G is considered to be digital connectivity technology that is fundamental to the success of the digital economy in Thailand, which also covers the development of the public health sector, the manufacturing sector, and the concept of smart cities. As an ICT technology leader and digitalization enabler, Huawei will continue to drive 5G intelligent innovation by collaborating with 5G partners in accordance with our commitment to create innovation, support the creation of a 5G ecosystem, exchange knowledge from various industry sectors, and support the application of technology for startups. Both the government sector and private sector are contributing to bringing Thailand's digital economy together, which enables Huawei to bring intelligence to everyone, every home, and every organization and create a fully connected, intelligent, and sustainable digital Thailand.

Dr. Somsak Akksilp, Director General, Department of Medical Service, Ministry of Public Health, talked about the policy on the application of 5G technology in Thailand's public health sector: "While COVID-19 disrupted many traditional businesses, it highlighted the importance of ICT infrastructure more than ever. We would like to fully leverage 5G capabilities, and collaborate with ICT industry partners like Huawei, in order to upgrade Thailand's public health industry for the future."

Assoc. Prof. Visit Vamvanich, Director of Siriraj Hospital, said, "Siriraj Hospital has created a new project and guidelines to continue leveraging disruptive technologies and 5G for hospitals nationwide. We partnered with Huawei to develop intelligent hospital operating center (HOC) solutions and new medical service innovations using the latest digital technologies. We believe that our efforts to integrate technology will act as a model for the development of public hospitals in Thailand."

Siriraj Hospital previously collaborated with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission and Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to implement a 'Smart Hospital Project with 5G and AI' model that boosted the effectiveness of medical services by incorporating 5G, Cloud, AI, and digital technologies to enable access to medical care and provide advanced tertiary health care to those in remote areas. The project demonstrates Huawei's ongoing commitment to innovating new solutions with 5G and Cloud that empower Thailand's public health sector and helping drive Siriraj Hospital to become the blueprint for Thailand's Smart Hospitals with world-class standards.

Prof. Dr. Soontorn Lancharoen, Head of IT section of Ramathibodi Hospital, on the topic of the role of 5G technology in improving emergency care procedures to be safer, said: "Digital technologies such as 5G act as catalysts, enabling remote auscultation and remote CT to be adopted by more and more hospitals. 5G-enabled health services enable more people in remote areas to enjoy high-quality health services on an equal basis. By closely working with 5G industry ecosystem partners including Huawei, we believe 5G can enable safer emergency treatment and operations."

In addition, Mr. Woragarn Likhitdechasakdi, CTO of Carrier Network, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) on applying 5G technology in Smart City projects in Thailand: "Smart Cities will make cities in Thailand safer, agriculture will also develop, people will be comfortable anytime and anywhere when there are more smart cities in Thailand. We've been talking about smart cities for over five years but are still unable to make them happen due to technological limitations. However, 5G technology has overcome all of the limitations that a Smart City faces and made it a reality, as 5G technology is fundamental to a Smart City and allows us to connect all types of sensors via 5G and use intelligent computing for applications via cloud technology."

In terms of telecommunication infrastructure providers, Mr. Rangsan Channarukul, Executive Vice President Corporate Client Division, National Telecommunications Public Company Limited, gave information about the readiness of 5G networks in Thailand: "Since Thailand issued 5G licenses in 2020, Huawei has helped Thailand build a leading 5G network. Up to now, Thailand has developed 4.3 million 5G connections, which is 2.5 times more than the sum of the other ASEAN countries."

Mr. Julian Gorman, Head of Asia Pacific, GSMA added: "We are glad to closely work with 5G solution providers such as Huawei, to accelerate 5G development and to power 5G commercial use cases in manufacturing industry. This will help Thailand to become the real leader in the region."

Source: Carl Byoir & Associates

Thai industries join hands with Huawei to increase competitiveness with 5G application to drive Thailand as ASEAN digital hub