Honda strengthens customer confidence in the quality of its products and brand by delivering a sense of eco-friendliness for customers and society

Monday 20 June 2022 17:29
Honda has rolled out a clear business direction under Honda Target 2050, which encompasses two key aspects: environment and safety. Honda is striving to reduce CO2 emissions for all its products and company operations to net zero by 2050 as part of a transition to a Carbon Neutral Society. Simultaneously, the company is committed to promoting an accident-free society by reducing fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles around the world with a goal of Zero Traffic Collision Fatalities.
Honda strengthens customer confidence in the quality of its products and brand by delivering a sense of eco-friendliness for customers and society

The current global situation regarding the environment, natural resources, and climate change is driving all industries to be more conscious of their impact and adapt their operations. Honda is committed to maintaining balance in conducting a socially responsible business and reducing the environmental impact of every stage of the production process. The company will continue to create and develop quality products using advanced yet eco-friendly technology that fit people's lifestyles and meet their changing preferences.

Mr. Noriyuki Takakura, President and CEO of Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, "Honda Automobile (Thailand) is committed to achieving a balance between business and environmental responsibility. We give importance to upstream to downstream processes that range from design, research and development, and production, through to sales and service, focusing on three elements: reducing CO2 emissions to net zero, using clean energy, and ensuring efficient resource circulation for maximum benefits. We leverage advanced and environmentally friendly technologies in the manufacturing process while introducing products that are eco-friendly with advanced technology such as highly efficient e:HEV full-hybrid driving technology that provides powerful performance with fuel efficiency and low emission levels. The e:HEV system is available in many models of Honda cars, including the all-new Honda HR-V e:HEV and the new Honda Civic e:HEV. Both models also come with Honda SENSING intelligent safety technology, which is a system that helps prevent and reduce the risks of road accidents. Honda strives to conduct our business with environmental awareness while recognizing the importance of safety."

Each stage of the production process at Honda's manufacturing plants in Ayutthaya and Prachinburi provinces takes steps to recirculate natural resources and use cutting-edge technology for maximum benefits. This includes:

Change… the sunlight to be sustainable energy

Honda has completed the Phase 1 installation of solar rooftop systems at both of its manufacturing plants in Ayutthaya (2.5 MW) and Prachinburi (2.5 MW) with output totaling five MW. They provide the benefit of electricity from clean energy that is used in the plants' production process and for the lighting system during the night instead of using electricity generated by power plants. This reduces CO2 emissions up to 7,862 tons per year, which is equivalent to planting 875,539 trees, or more than 8,800 rai of trees (data as of 2021). Honda plans to complete Phase 2 of the solar rooftop system installation to cover the entire electricity consumption of both plants within 2023. In Phase 2, the Honda Ayutthaya plant will increase its total solar capacity to 8.6 MW and the Honda Prachinburi plant will reach a total capacity of 3.8 MW, for a combined total capacity of over 17 MW of solar power following both phases of installation.

Change… water to have infinite value

Both of Honda's manufacturing plants have cutting-edge wastewater treatment systems to provide the benefit of high-quality treated water for the recycling system. The high-quality treated water is used for watering plants and trees at the facilities, with some of it used to produce RO (Reverse Osmosis) recycled water for the cooling tower process. The plants also leverage waterpower for the Water Conveyor on the production line, which limits the amount of human labor required to move parts. Any remaining water released by Honda's manufacturing plants is properly treated so it is clean with no environmental impact on neighboring communities.

Change… a better future through advanced technologies

The associates at Honda's manufacturing plants bring knowledge and expertise to the production line. The company's operations strictly comply with the highest safety standards, and Honda applies cutting-edge technologies to ensure an agile, accurate, and highly efficient production process:

  • The Painting Line uses Waterborne Paint technology, with water as a solvent instead of a chemical solvent. A 3-coat-2-bake painting process increases the energy efficiency of painting and reduces emissions of volatile substances that cause air pollution.
  • The Polymer Injection Line uses an Eco-Servo Pump system to reduce power consumption and ensure precision during injection molding.
  • The Material Service Line uses a Digital Picking system to move parts to the production line in a quick and precise manner.
  • The Assembly Line & Arc Line apply the Kaizen approach to increase production efficiency, with one associate assembling parts in multiple steps. This contributes to time efficiency and reduces wasted motion.
  • The Engine Plant Line uses Automated Guided Vehicles to transport finished engines to the assembly line in an agile manner.

These are only a few of the many initiatives Honda is taking to operate an eco-friendly business and demonstrate its strong passion for reducing CO2 emissions as another contribution to mitigating the impact of climate change. Honda continues to promote the use of clean energy and efficient resource circulation for maximum benefits and to adhere to social responsibility practices for sustainable development. Honda believes that to make a better and sustainable future, we must have the will and determination to do it together today.

You can watch the Honda Green Factory Towards the Sustainable Future video at

Source: ABM Connect

Honda strengthens customer confidence in the quality of its products and brand by delivering a sense of eco-friendliness for customers and society