The Latest Adhesive-Free UV Screen Protector Rock Space UV Cured Launches for the First Time in Thailand

Friday 08 July 2022 13:19
The Latest Adhesive-Free UV Screen Protector Rock Space UV Cured Launches for the First Time in Thailand, Ready to Support Every Model of Smartphones and Devices
The Latest Adhesive-Free UV Screen Protector Rock Space UV Cured Launches for the First Time in Thailand

After overwhelming success from the launch of a smart film cutter in Thailand last year with sales of more than 100 million baht, this year Rock Space Thailand is ready to continually make way in the screen protector market, launching "Rock Space UV Cured", the newest model of UV screen protector that comes with advanced technology, in Thailand for the first time.

Mr. Korakod Ujjin, Sales Director of Rock Space Thailand, states, "After launching the smart film cutter last year, we have received warm feedback from Thai shop owners and customers, thus in order to create more variety in the market, this year we are launching a new product that comes with advanced technology to penetrate the screen protector market in Thailand. This product has never been sold in Thailand before, therefore I am confident that the new product we are launching today will be able to satisfactorily meet customers' current lifestyles and needs. The new product is called "Rock Space UV Cured," and is a screen protector with 3H level of strength that provides excellent protection against scratches and impact. The launch of "Rock Space UV Cured" is considered another important step for the company in reiterating our confidence in introducing high-quality products, as well as new innovation, to Thai customers. We are certain that "Rock Space UV Cured" will be able to generate good sales in Thailand—similar to the high popularity received in other countries—with our growth target for this year at 30%."

"Rock Space UV Cured," Adhesive-Free UV Screen Protector, Extra Strength with Premium Grade PET

Rock Space UV Cured is a screen protector that uses premium grade PET imported from Japan as an important component in bolstering the film's robustness. Moreover, it has been mixed together with UV Adhesive Layer, Rock Space's original technology in which the film of Rock Space UV Cured is strengthened after having gone through UV light sterilization, and once the strength level is measured, it is found that the film has a strength level of 3H, which can properly protect against scratches and impact without having to worry that it would crack or fall off as it did with previous film technology.

Another strong point of Rock Space UV Cured is the film does not need glue in order to be adhesive. UV screen protectors that can be commonly found in the market needs glue in order to be adhesive to the device, which poses a risk in the glue causing damage to the device, however Rock Space UV Cured sticks to customers' phone screens without using glue, thus reducing the risk of the glue damaging the device. Moreover, the film will not leave any stains on the device when it is peeled off, as well as having the ability to be strongly adhesive to the device's surface, not falling off from the screen even if it is a curved one. Additionally, Rock Space UV Cured is a film without any edges, allowing the user to most efficiently use the screen and enjoy every activity without any black edges distracting their eyes, as the film is clear and curved finely along the device as if no screen protector has been applied.

From a test that uses a sharp object to slice the screen, it is found that Rock Space UV Cured can protect against scratches well

Can quickly unlock the phone with fingerprint without any delay, similar to before the film is installed

Rock Space UV Cured is slim at only 0.1 mm., giving a soft touch when working through the screen or play games, but with quick response, smooth without any pauses. The clear film does not alter the screen's color, screen brightness does not drop, and is suitable for usage on every model of smartphones and devices.

Rock space UV Cured is a film that is suitable for every model of smartphones and electronic devices, because Rock Space has received the trust of world-famous smartphone brands, whether it be Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, etc. We are also ready to send information regarding designs and smartphone sizes to the brands in real-time, which makes shop owners who provide screen protector service from Rock Space able to cut the film in every size, serving customers' needs since the first day of the latest smartphone's launch.

Rock space UV Cured is sold starting at only 899 Baht! General customers who are interested can use the screen protector service or browse other gadget products from Rock Space Brand Shop at the 3rd floor of Central Pinklao or check available branches of partner businesses such as TG Fone Vivo brand shop, Jaymart, Telewiz, True, etc. or inquire for more information regarding the ZC1 model of smart film cutter at or call 02-301-0232. Rock Space Brand Shop can also be browsed on leading e-commerce platforms such as Lazada / Shopee / Central / Robinson and Powerbuy.

About Rock Space

Rock Space was established in 2009, with the headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Established to produce gadget products under the concept "gadget products for a more stylish life," Rock Space has worked in collaboration with leading brands worldwide and Rock Space products are available in more than 100 countries across the world. Rock Space was lauded as one of the Top 10 in the industry in 2015, in the Top 5 in 2020, and currently has stepped up to Top 3. In 2021 Rock Space had sold over 31 million films to customers all over the world. Presently, Rock Space has a research and development for innovation team, and a production and design factory, with all Rock Space products, patented. In addition, Rock Space has received numerous design awards at the international level, such as awards from the I.F 6 times and from Reddot 2 times.

Source: World Digital PR

The Latest Adhesive-Free UV Screen Protector Rock Space UV Cured Launches for the First Time in Thailand