Penang Tourism Board in partnership with KTC organized a press conference for the "7 World Wonders of Penang" campaign launch.

Monday 01 August 2022 16:17
Penang Tourism Board in partnership with KTC organized a press conference for the "7 World Wonders of Penang" campaign launch. Get a unique Penang travel experience that meets all the needs of travelers around the world who seek challenging activities through the 7 World Wonders of Penang. Activities include 1) the world's longest outdoor water slide, 2) the world's first tropical butterfly and insect sanctuary, 3) the world's tallest suspension bridge, 4) the world's first floating vertical slide, 5) the world's tallest zip line, 6) the world's first curved skywalk, and 7) the world's steepest tunnel tram route. Penang is prepared to reopen the state to welcome Thai tourists to comfortably travel to Penang with "KTC", its major tourism partner, offering cardmembers special privileges. Enjoy direct flights with Thai Smile Airways at a special price with 24-hour service support via KTC World Travel Service channels.
Penang Tourism Board in partnership with KTC organized a press conference for the 7 World Wonders of Penang campaign launch.

Mr. Yeoh Soon Hin, Penang State Exco for Tourism and Creative Economy (PETACE), stated, "after the COVID-19 crisis, the tourism trend has changed into an individual, safe, and responsible one. Penang has made adjustments to its strategy, including 1) reframing its vision: Penang 2030 will be a family-focused, green, smart state. 'Family,' means this place will always welcome everyone as it is individually personalized, safe, and environmentally responsible; 2) release the entry regulation: to provide tourists with the most comfortable travel experience, tourists do not need to wear a mask outdoors and a visa and RC-PCR tests are not required; 3) reward the best-in-class experience: Penang offers different experiences with multicultural aspects that'll impress visitors, and 4) reconnect with stakeholders and partners: Penang has established relationships and collaborated with associations, airlines, agents and media from Thailand as well as partnered up with KTC, an official partner, to co-create packages and promotions for cardmembers."

Mr. Ooi Chok Yan, CEO, Penang Global Tourism (PGT), commented, "the tourism trend has indeed shifted to focus more on personalisation and finding a purpose in life. The recent COVID pandemic made people realize that life is something to be appreciated every day. Penang Tourism Board has taken advantage of this trend by encouraging tourists to understand their needs by presenting a new tourist attraction through the '7 World Wonders of Penang' campaign. 7 World Wonders is full of fun and enjoyable challenges, including 1) 'Escape Penang' the world's longest outdoor water slide recorded by Guinness World Records with a length of 1,111 meters long; 2) 'Entopia' the world's first tropical butterfly and insect sanctuary, home to more than 60 tropical butterfly species; 3) 'The Habitat Penang Hill' the world's tallest suspension bridge supported by state-of-the-art technology, this 230-meter long bridge offers the ultimate safety; 4) 'Tech Dome Penang' the world's first floating vertical slide and a learning center for force and motion science; 5) 'The Glavityz' the world's tallest zip line from the 65th floor of the KOMTAR building; 6) 'The Top's Rainbow Skywalk' the world's first curved skywalk situated 816 feet above sea level, and 7) 'Penang Hill' the world's steepest tunnel tram route, to appreciate the beauty of nature."

Ms. Janejit Ladpli, Vice President - Travel and Leisure Marketing, "KTC" or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, added, "as Thailand began to reopen the country and allowed travel since the beginning of the year, the ratio of members' credit card spending in the Travel category tend to consistently improve. KTC noticed a shift in the behavior of travellers which included increased interest in using the services of travel agencies, the willingness to pay more in exchange for convenience, and trending community and eco-friendly tourism. Penang is considered a very attractive destination that meets the travel needs of travellers. It is convenient to travel to Penang; a visa application is not required with direct flights from Bangkok. The launch of the '7 World Wonders of Penang' campaign will further allow tourists to try new and unique experiences."

"KTC has been entrusted by Penang Tourism Board to be its main partner to support its marketing and public relation efforts. KTC, therefore, partnered with Thai Smile Airways in offering KTC credit cardmembers special privileges on direct flights to Penang with Thai Smile airline, as follows: 1) Bangkok-Penang round trip tickets at a starting price of only 6,965 baht for travel dates between August 1 to October 29, 2022; 2) get an extra instant 1,000 baht discount on purchases of two flight tickets, and 3) redeem every 1,000 KTC FOREVER points for a 130 baht discount on flight tickets, accommodation, and tourist attraction ticket reservations from August 1 to October 31, 2022. For more information, contact KTC WORLD Travel Service (24 hours), Tel. 02 123 5050 or LINE: @KTCWORLD. KTC WORLD Travel Service is more than ready to provide comprehensive services as a source for travel information; reservations for flight tickets, hotels, car rental, and other attraction entrance tickets in Penang."

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Source: Krungthai Card