From a reader to the No.1 hit writer, the artist behind the 27-million-view 'Wanthong' proves no dream is too big on LINE WEBTOON

Tuesday 02 August 2022 16:49
LINE WEBTOON, the No.1 online comic platform in Thailand, brings happiness through imaginative stories. It's a platform that creates inspiration and opens a door to success for creators. LINE WEBTOON doesn't only build up new writers, but it's also a platform that has groomed many creators into successful professionals. The opportunity to generate income on LINE WEBTOON isn't limited to regular incomes from being a creator on the platform. But creators who are able to captivate fans with their stories may acquire more income through overseas translation and publication, or having their story turned into TV series, which will generate more income and royalty.
From a reader to the No.1 hit writer, the artist behind the 27-million-view 'Wanthong' proves no dream is too big on LINE WEBTOON

Many may feel writers and comic artists are unstable careers. "Mu" Miss Chayaporn Puapanich, the creator of Wanthong with accumulated Page Views over 28M and reached Sales top 1 within 1 week after launch for 2 weeks in a row, has also experienced the same problem. Making money from something you love is not easy at all.

Miss Chayaporn Puapanich said, "There wasn't much space for writers and artists in the past. The money they make from their manuscripts was low. It took months to produce a story, during which time they may not have any income at all. The problem Thai comic artists faced in the past was having to choose between doing something they love but didn't get paid much or making money but didn't get to write and draw. Personally, I've always liked reading comic books since I was young. The more I read the more I wanted to write my own. At first, I started by posting my comics online and let people read them for free. I drew whatever came to my mind. I fell in love with being able to string stories together, getting to know the characters I created, and receiving comments from readers. Then someone I knew suggested for me to try putting my stories on LINE WEBTOON. I found the platform interesting because its structure and panels are different from Japanese manga. Those who are not used to reading manga can also read webtoons. There are also different tools available, including a team of advisors to assist and maximise the creativity, aesthetics and attractiveness of the stories. Creators can submit works weekly to gain regular income. It's like I've found a solution to my life. I get to do what I like and also make money from it. I'm always looking for inspiration to create new works and continue improving myself."

The story of 'Wanthong' is a romantic-fantasy period story about 'Pen Neung', a young woman who finds herself in the body of 'Wanthong', a figure from Thai literature who is renowned for having two men fighting over her, leading her to be executed for being two-timing. The story has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans. Many readers love its multi-layered grey characters, like Plai Gaew, Khun Chang, and Wanthong. Plai Gaew was deliberately characterised to create confusion whether people should hate or feel sorry for him. New original characters like 'Plew Khum' and 'Prong Thong' are also liked by readers who also enjoy the story for integrating social issues into its plot. The story has been read 27 million times, receiving an overwhelming amount of comments. It was also translated into Bahasa Melayu in Indonesia, and the feedback was equally beyond expectation.

"I publish my works on LINE WEBTOON because it's the most-read online cartoon platform in Thailand. It's very open and it has several activities and campaigns that constantly support writers. There is now a campaign with MINNIE (G)I-DLE who is promoting 3 webtoons, with Wanthong being one of them. The story is being promoted through songs, music videos and billboard signs and it's just like a dream come true for me. I only hoped for it to garner a lot of readers and get it translated into other languages, but I didn't expect this at all. I'm really happy. I hope the Thai comic industry will be able to continue to have this kind of momentum. Who knows? The next webtoon they promote could be yours," Miss Chayaporn Puapanich said.

Source: Chomchaviwan