Main Stand Launched International Edition

Wednesday 03 August 2022 17:24
Main Stand Creator (THAILAND) Co.,LTD, the nation's leading sports and lifestyle content creator, launched its International Edition under the name 'Main Stand - International'. The new Facebook page aims to create 'Original Content' on sports and lifestyle for Southeast Asian fans and looks to build Thailand's first International Sports Content Gateway. New content is ready to serve on August 1, 2022.
Main Stand Launched International Edition

Roaj Putthakhoon, Main Stand Creator (THAILAND) Co., LTD CEO, shared, "Producing international content is something that we've wanted to do from the beginning. We want to create original content for people outside of Thailand to read. We can see that much of Thailand's content uses news from overseas. We rarely see original content from Thailand being sent out abroad. Regarding the content on Main Stand - International, we will produce sports and lifestyle content in Thailand and the ASEAN region. At first our target is foreign audiences, specifically people in Southeast Asia. We want people to understand the stories and trends in the region. In order to do so, we need to have an original source. As a result, we have planned with our team and contacted regional journalists for in-depth information. Furthermore, we also got top-tier journalists to collaborate with us to accomplish the goal of building an International Sports Content Gateway for Thailand.

"Main Stand launched an International Edition due to how we see plenty of opportunities. The first reason is that Thailand has many exciting sports and lifestyle stories that we want the world to see. Doing so will allow the organization to expand its market and become recognized worldwide. Secondly, Main Stand sees many areas for growth. For example, the Thai Facebook page has over 10% of its followers from abroad.  We want to increase this number and believe creating the International Edition will allow it to happen." 

Follow the Main Stand's International Edition on the Facebook Fan page: Main Stand - International.

More about Main Stand

Main Stand was initially launched in June of 2018. The company aims to be a sports media outlet accessible to everyone. The goal is to provide in-depth stories to give readers the best possible information on various aspects such as society, economics, politics and lifestyle linked by sports content. Besides providing written content, the company has also created visual and video content to be in trend with the modern world. 


Main Stand Launched International Edition