Spotify announces August Artists for 'ฉันฟังเพลงไทย (I Listen to Thai Songs)' campaign, including Bowkylion, Serious Bacon, and Earth Patravee

Thursday 11 August 2022 11:46
Trio to appear on the cover of ฉันฟังเพลงไทย playlist and Spotify billboards in Bangkok ahead of the dynamic Billkin, LUSS, Patrickananda, and Violette Wautier later in August.
Spotify announces August Artists for 'ฉันฟังเพลงไทย (I Listen to Thai Songs)' campaign, including Bowkylion, Serious Bacon, and Earth Patravee

Spotify revealed its latest slate of featured local artists for the ฉันฟังเพลงไทย (I Listen to Thai Songs) campaign, with the August lineup kicking off with chart-topper Bowkylion, emerging T-Pop duo Serious Bacon, and pop songstress Earth Patravee.

As part of the audio platform's continued efforts to champion local artists across all genres and help them better connect with new audiences on the local and global stage, Spotify handpicked Bowkylion, Serious Bacon, and Earth Patravee to be spotlighted this month on the cover of the recently refreshed ฉันฟังเพลงไทย playlist and Spotify billboards at some of Bangkok's hotspots including Asoke Interchange and Siam Paragon, among other local activations.

"I am so happy to be featured in ฉันฟังเพลงไทย and it's incredible to see myself on billboards at the heart of Bangkok. I'd like to thank Spotify and my fans for always supporting me - it's a dream come true!", said Bowkylion.

Earth expressed, "As a Thai artist, I feel so loved and proud to be a part of Spotify's ฉันฟังเพลงไทย campaign. It is nice to see Thais - both fans and fellow musicians - supporting and listening to songs by local artists, and I truly believe this inspires us to continue being creative and grow, driving the Thai music industry to be as dynamic and lively as it is today."

Serious Bacon also shared their excitement, saying, "We feel very thrilled to be part of this campaign, and we're very grateful to Spotify for giving us this opportunity. We never thought that one day we'd see our faces on a billboard!". They added, "We believe every single listen of local music is important to both the artist and the entire Thai music industry. No matter the music you enjoy, we hope everyone will open their hearts to Thai music and give it a chance."  

Highlighting Thai music in playlists like ฉันฟังเพลงไทย, that widen tracks' reach and increase discoverability online, is one of the many ways that Spotify supports local artists and the music industry. Serious Bacon shared, "Spotify has always been a part of our journey as artists. Having our songs featured in Spotify playlists like ฉันฟังเพลงไทย helps us to be heard by more audiences, and is an important way for us to gain new listeners and fans."

Earth added, "Seeing how I always find my new favorite local and international artists through Spotify's curated and Made for You playlists, I know that listeners from across the world can also easily discover my music on the platform, giving me the opportunity to truly grow as an artist." 

The ฉันฟังเพลงไทย campaign continues to excite this August, with Spotify featuring another set of Thai artists during the second half of the month, including powerhouses Billkin, LUSS ft. Patrickananda, and Violette Wautier.

Show your love for local music and your favorite homegrown artists by listening to the ฉันฟังเพลงไทย playlist - only on Spotify via the website or mobile app!

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Spotify announces August Artists for 'ฉันฟังเพลงไทย (I Listen to Thai Songs)' campaign, including Bowkylion, Serious Bacon, and Earth Patravee