NEC Thailand develops underlying IT system for Topgolf's expansion into Southeast Asia

Tuesday 13 September 2022 11:27
NEC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. (NEC Thailand) has proudly delivered the underlying information technology systems that drive the entertainment systems behind Topgolf Megacity, Bangkok's newest sports and entertainment destination.
NEC Thailand develops underlying IT system for Topgolf's expansion into Southeast Asia

NEC delivers the architecture and network infrastructure that powers the Topgolf sports and entertainment complex, a first in Southeast Asia. The system enables players to score points by using real golf clubs to hit microchipped golf balls tracked in a multimedia-enriched playing area, or to choose from a wide selection of games to add fun to the experience, including a virtual Angry Birds game, Jewel Jam or virtual golf courses.

Underpinning the venue is the comprehensive and complex IT system designed and installed by NEC Thailand. The framework not only seamlessly supports all the games played but provides the entire Topgolf team with everyday back-end operational needs while minimizing downtime.

NEC Thailand worked with Topgolf teams in the US to develop the configuration and architecture of the IT system. Additionally, as a gold partner of Cisco and a platinum partner of Dell, NEC Thailand was able to procure and install many of the system's key server and networking components.

"The entire Topgolf Megacity complex runs on the solutions that NEC has provided us, including the high-end golfing entertainment system that needs to be able to handle up to 600 concurrent players. It is critical that it runs smoothly to ensure the satisfaction of our guests throughout their visit here," said Tim Boda, Head of Operations, Topgolf Thailand.

"We brought together top expertise from three different continents to deliver this solution, and managed to not only design an architecture that received plaudits from Topgolf management, while also being able to navigate Covid-related disruptions and implement the designed system efficiently within the given time frame and to the satisfaction of the customers as we gear up to welcome our first guests," said Ichiro Kurihara, President, NEC Thailand. "We look forward to partnering with Topgolf as they continue to expand their outlets throughout the rest of the region."

Source: ARIP