'Coca-Cola', under its 'World Without Waste vision', continues the " 'Coke' Recycle Me with Trash Lucky" campaign into its second year

Wednesday 14 September 2022 17:29
Further encouraging Thai consumers to separate out valuable recyclable packaging from non-recyclable waste and get a chance to win 2 million Baht worth of prizes!
'Coca-Cola', under its 'World Without Waste vision', continues the 'Coke' Recycle Me with Trash Lucky campaign into its second year

The Coca-Cola system in Thailand, which comprises ThaiNamthip Ltd., HaadThip plc, and Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., in collaboration with key partners Trash Lucky Co., Ltd. and Indorama Ventures plc, has announced the second year of the " 'Coke' Recycle Me with Trash Lucky" campaign, aiming to increase consumer awareness around the need to separate out valuable recyclable material such as PET plastic bottles and cans by encouraging consumers to sort and submit their recyclable packaging to drop-off points around Bangkok. The campaign will run between 1st October 2022 and 31st March 2023. Through these recycling efforts, participants earn chances to win monthly prizes worth 2 million Baht in total. This year's campaign brings in new partners such as Lotus's and The Shell Company of Thailand who will help provide recycling drop-off locations for the public. All items submitted to the campaign will be recycled. In particular, Indorama Ventures will recycle PET plastic bottles collected from the campaign, giving them a circular life cycle. The goal of the campaign is to drive sustainable waste management and incentivize consumers to adopt circular economy practices starting with recycling.

This year's "Coke" Recycle Me with Trash Lucky campaign has increased accessible recycling drop-off locations for bottles and cans at selected Lotus and Shell locations across Bangkok, as well as Trash Lucky drop-off locations. Indorama Ventures, a key ongoing partner, will help convert the collected PET plastic bottles into recycled PET (rPET) pellets, which Thailand has recently legalized for making new food and beverage packaging. The new law is a part of the country's "BCG Model" and the Recycle Me partners are excited to help support it through the campaign.

Nuntivat Thamhatai, Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability Director of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., said: "Coca-Cola is working to help collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle and can we sell by 2030.   "Coke" Recycle Me with Trash Lucky" is the latest local initiative from Coca-Cola Thailand as part of a holistic approach by the company and key partners in Thailand to increase awareness of the need to separate out valuable recyclable bottles and cans from non-recyclable waste and add some fun through a lucky draw to drive sustainable behavioral change. We are excited to kick off the second year of  "Coke" Recycle Me with Trash Lucky  with Trash Lucky, Lotus's and Shell, who share the same values and see  the importance of collection and recycling. Tackling the waste issue requires collaboration from everyone, and we welcome more partners - including other drop-off partners - to grow this network and impact of the campaign. Every partner agrees that this is a non-competitive area, so any organizations that are interested to join can kindly contact Trash Lucky who are helping us to grow this network through data analytics as each drop-off point added needs to integrate well with the existing network to optimize logistical costs and consumers' experience."

Nattapak Atichartakarn, Co-founder and CEO of Trash Lucky Ltd., said "last year's "Coke" Recycle Me with Trash Lucky was well received by Thai consumers. The 3-month campaign recycled over 3,500 kg of post-consumer PET plastic bottles (approx. 157,500 600-ml bottles) despite taking part during the Covid lockdown. For the second year, Trash Lucky will continue to be a key partner who provides recycling solutions and education to help the public understand what and how to recycle. We will continue to reward participants with prizes, in line with our mission to incentivize people to recycle and divert waste from landfills and oceans. We learned from last year that in addition to incentive to recycle, we need to provide people with convenience in recycling. We are happy to have leading retail brands such as Lotus's and Shell to help increase the number of drop points across Bangkok. We believe that Thai consumers can be an important stakeholder who help protect and conserve the environment. We will measure results and survey participants in order to increase our understanding of consumer behavior and triggers that drive the adoption of a circular lifestyle."

Naweensuda Krabuanrat, Head of Global CSR, Indorama Ventures plc, said: "Indorama Ventures' mission is to give new life to used PET plastic by turning it into recycled PET. Last year during the pandemic, we successfully developed hygienic and sustainable yarn made from recycled PET plastic bottles suitable to manufacture PPE suits that were donated to healthcare workers in southern Thailand that were hard-hit by Covid-19. This year, in response to the legal amendment allowing the use in Thailand of food-grade packaging made from recycled PET plastic by the Thai Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) to help reduce the amount of virgin plastic used, we are working to innovate our world standard recycling technology to meet Thailand's Food and Drug Administration standards in order to produce recycled PET plastic food packaging. Our partnership not only aims to create a better understanding of recycling innovation and technology - providing hygienic and safe recycled PET for food and beverage packaging, but also to build consumer awareness of the need to separate recyclable from non-recyclable waste. This is a critical step in ensuring there is a quality supply of recycled PET plastic in Thailand."

Salinla Seehapan, Chief Sustainability Officer, Lotus's, said: "Waste, especially plastic waste, is an environmental issue that needs all of our urgent attention. Lotus's is committed to creating a closed-loop packaging system in line with the circular economy philosophy. This not only covers our own business operations, but also extends to how we can help customers and the public segregate and recycle waste more easily through our stores, which are positioned as 'Everyday SMART Community Centers.' Throughout the years, Lotus's has continued to increase the number of recycle drop points in our stores for a variety of packaging types. We currently operate 27 reverse vending machines, through which more than 2.8 million PET bottles have been collected for recycling. Additionally, 45 drop points are available for flexible plastic packaging. Thus far, we have collected and recycled more than 7,400 kilograms. For paper and cardboard, we have 220 recycle drop points available in all Lotus's hypermarkets, through which more than 200,000 kilograms of cardboard have been collected and recycled. We are delighted to be a strategic partner in the "Coke" Recycle Me with Trash Lucky campaign, as it very much supports our commitment to helping customers recycle more conveniently. Initially, we will set up recycle drop points at six Lotus's stores, namely Ladphrao, Wanghin, Minburi, Ladkrabang, Bangkapi and Rama 2."

Ruengsak Sritanawiboonchai. Executive Director & GM - Mobility Business of Shell Thailand, said: "Shell's Powering Progress strategy aims to accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions by 2050. Managing waste, especially plastic waste, is part of one of the four main pillars of the strategy. Shell recognizes the severity of plastic waste issue and believes that all sectors are committed to playing an important role in finding sustainable solutions to this challenge. We aim to address this challenge with solutions from our production and operations. We support Shell customers in reducing, reusing, and recycling lubricant packaging and using paper straws instead of plastic at deli cafe. Shell is pleased to be part of this partnership with 'Coke', Trash Lucky, Indorama Ventures and Lotus's in the 2nd year of the "Coke" Recycle Me with Trash Lucky campaign, which encourages sustainable waste separation. With this campaign, Shell has an opportunity to contribute along the same direction as our partners and continue to be a 'Trusted Partner for a Better Life'. We have set up recycling pick-up points in 15 Shell stations across Bangkok for our customers' convenience.

"Coke" Recycle Me with Trash Lucky is a six-month campaign from 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023 run by Trash Lucky, with prizes sponsored by 'Coca-Cola'. Participants start by registering through the LINE Official Account: @trashlucky. Once registered, the participant will receive a member ID. Participants can sort recyclables, such as plastic, metal, glass, and paper, and pack them into bags or parcels labeled with their names and member ID. The recyclables can be submitted in three ways. First, drop off the sorted recyclables in the designated bin at any participating locations such as Trash Lucky Din Daeng or Soi Sathu 49; Lotus's six stores - Ladprao, Wanghin, Minburi, Ladkrabang, Bang Kapi, or Rama II; 15 Shell stations. Second, ship the recyclables to Trash Lucky. Third, order Trash Lucky's recyclable pickup service. Participants earn chances to win prizes based on their recycling activities.

There are three pools of prizes worth 2 million Baht given throughout the 6 -month campaign. First is the monthly pool with prizes such as iPhone, gold, and shopping vouchers. Second is the "mid-way" pool with "5 Baht" gold participated by anyone who recycles with the campaign during the first 3 months. The third is the grand prize pool with "20 Baht" gold participated by anyone who recycles at any point during the campaign. For more details, please visit https://trashlucky.com/en/recycleme/

Companies and organizations that want to host the recycling drop-off bins with the campaign can contact Trash Lucky at [email protected]

Source: Hill & Knowlton

'Coca-Cola', under its 'World Without Waste vision', continues the 'Coke' Recycle Me with Trash Lucky campaign into its second year