The public and private sectors are collaborating to promote the "Thai Water Expo 2022,"

Monday 19 September 2022 15:14
The public and private sectors are collaborating to promote the "Thai Water Expo 2022," an exhibition of sustainable water and wastewater management technology.
The public and private sectors are collaborating to promote the Thai Water Expo 2022,

The Department of Water Resources- Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Engineering-Informa Markets, and network partners organized "Thai Water Expo 2022 (THW)," the only international technology exhibition and conference in Thailand devoted to water and wastewater management technology. The event raises the concept of integrating water management technology with the Sustainable Development Goals.

September 14th at Bangkok. Water scarcity is a persistent problem. In light of this, we have emphasized in this event the need for international cooperation in addressing water resource issues. Together with engineers from Chula University, Informa Markets, and other network partners, the Department of Water Resources organizes "Thai Water Expo 2022 (THW)," Thailand's only technology exhibition and international conference on water and waste management technology. This is the sixth time integrated water management with modern technology has been jointly managed under the theme "Integrating Technology for Sustainable Water Management Towards SDGs" or "Integrating Technology for Water Management to Sustainable Development Goals."

Mr. Padon Thavornkitcharat, Director-General of the Department of Water Resources, stated that climate change has become a global problem that must be addressed through coordinated efforts. As stated in a 20-year water resource management master plan that has been developed to promote effective water resource management, such as the installation of an early warning system for flood-prone areas, Thailand has established a strategy to deal with the crisis, particularly in terms of water use and water management. To promote the efficient use of water, the development and maintenance of an automatic remote water monitoring system and the implementation of the 3R principle are required. Moreover, the "Thai Water Expo 2022" is viewed as one of the most significant opportunities to unite Thailand in its efforts to create a clean society and respond to the Sustainable Development Goals in accordance with their principles. The United Nations is dedicated to promoting the responsible use and management of water for universal sanitation and hygiene. This is a significant objective challenge for enhancing water management at the national level and regionally. Thailand is now prepared to push and promote waste water management for the environment and the long-term health of the natural world.

Prof. Dr. Supot Techavorasinsakul, dean of Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Engineering, stated that water is a crucial global resource. The current rate of population growth contributes directly to the rising demand for scarce water resources. In order to improve people's well-being, water management is a pressing issue. To ensure food and food stability in the future in the face of such factors, Chulalongkorn University has continued to promote and support the opening of a platform for students to conduct diverse research and exchange knowledge with various experts. This year, the Faculty participated in the knowledge presented research papers and prototype projects in water management through the International Water Forum on "Enhance the Caps of Water Resource Management in Response to Post-COP26 Climate Change" or "Upgrading water resource management in response to post-COP26 climate change." At THW 2022, we believe that this event marks a significant turning point and seek new water management opportunities. This will be a crucial mechanism for addressing climate change in the future.

Mr. Sanchai Numboonnam, General Manager of Informa Markets Thailand, said that in a report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that our planet is in a state of emergency. Climate change is causing the world to change. And one of the most significant issues is water. With so many significant events, such as floods, droughts, and water shortages, and the timely preparation to deal with such disasters, Informa is the leader in the international trade show industry. Together with the government, the private sector, and various other sectors, we will organize the international trade show and conference known as the Thai Water Expo 2022. To ensure water sustainability, Thailand takes significant action on water and waste water management technology. This event will be held for the sixth year in a row, with a focus on "Integrating Technology for Sustainable Water Management Towards SDGs," or integrating technology for sustainable water management towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

This event has received strong support from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, a semester from the Faculty of Engineering at Chulalongkorn University, and numerous private organizations. Yokogawa, Nagase, and Kuraray, as well as pavilions from Switzerland and Singapore, which are recognized as leaders in water management and have been invited to present research and transfer knowledge at the event, will be showcasing their innovations in technology and water and wastewater management at this year's exhibition. Entrepreneurs in the water and wastewater management industry come together to share information and new technologies that will assist them in taking better care of modern water resources and enhancing the future level of sustainable water management.

The official opening of the "Thai Water Expo 2022." This year, it will be parallel with the "ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2022" international technology exhibition and conference on renewable energy, the environment, energy efficiency, and technology. The region's most sophisticated electric vehicle. September 14-16, 2022, Hall 2, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

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The public and private sectors are collaborating to promote the Thai Water Expo 2022,