Cape Kudu Hotel Has Adopted Its First Mascot Saving a Beautiful Life from the Slaughterhouse

Tuesday 20 September 2022 15:47
"Coconut ", a nearly three-year-old bullock, was saved on the road leading to the slaughterhouse.  The big ox, which was being carried alone on a truck, was crying and its tears flowed uninterruptedly as if recognising the fate that lay ahead at the end of this road. But then, through a profound relationship instantly taking place, the animal was given a chance to live again, being saved and becoming the first lucky mascot of the Cape Kudu Hotel, Koh Yao Noi.
Cape Kudu Hotel Has Adopted Its First Mascot Saving a Beautiful Life from the Slaughterhouse

On 7 July 2022, during a hot afternoon on a road in Phuket, Ms. Tirawan Taechaubol, the owner and Group's Project Development Manager of Cape & Kantary Hotels, was travelling on business to the group's hotels in the south of Thailand as usual.  That day, among the traffic, a truck carrying the huge animal, weighing about 1,200 kilograms, stopped next to her car.  She was unable to take her eyes off it because it was crying as if begging for someone to save its life. Ms.Tirawan took great pity on it and asked the truck to stop, where the driver acknowledged that the beast was being taken to the slaughterhouse.  Negotiations for the purchase of the animal started and went well with innumerable thanks to the owners who sold the animal to her.  The ox wept even more freely, slightly trembling as an expression of joy for the gift of another chance to live.  Neither were the people who had joined Ms.Tirawan on the trip unable to hold back their tears anymore.

"Come home with me. I'll be very happy to give you a name," said Ms.Tirawan while giving water to the thirsty bullock on the truck.  He was given a new name, "Coconut", and moved across the island to a new home in Yao Noi Island and where he suddenly became the biggest bullock in Phang Nga Province.

Cape Kudu Hotel, Koh Yao Noi, under the supervision of Ms.Tirawan, has adopted Coconut as the hotel's first lucky mascot.  Cape Kudu Hotel is responsible for all expenses in feeding Coconut by bringing it to the villagers who are skilled in raising cattle and who live not far from the hotel.  In this way, Coconut is to live with other cattle friends and stay close to nature and be nurtured with great care.  The villagers on Koh Yao Noi are generous people, so they, too, felt excited and extended a warm welcome to Coconut while the management and staff of the hotel are constantly visiting and feeding Coconut at his new home.  Cape Kudu Hotel also provides a service to take the resident guests, who are impressed on learning his story, to visit and greet Coconut too.

Ms.Tirawan expressed her feelings of that day. "We saved Coconut's life but Coconut refreshed our souls and fulfilled our hearts.  While Coconut found a new home on Koh Yao Noi, we have found unconditional love that seeks nothing in return."

On Yao Noi Island... miracles happen every day, the profound connection that day is still growing in the hearts of those who acknowledge this story and share it with others.  Cape Kudu Hotel invites you to travel to Yao Noi Island to find your own experience and miracle.  Stay and relax in our five-star luxury hotel (Small Luxury Hotels of the World) that is fully equipped with modern amenities and provides a variety of fun activities such as the Toh Buat Cave 3-Island Trip; a Floating Breakfast on Koh Hong; Building  Homes for Hornbills; a Bird-Watching Trip around the Island;  Afternoon Tea and Tasting Fresh Oysters at the Fisherman's Farm;  a Cruise on a Luxury Yacht; Batik Painting with Villagers etc.,  Revel in the comfort of Mother Nature's embrace and admire the simply beautiful island lifestyle. It also promotes and rewards communities on the island with another source of income.

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Source: Cape & Kantary Hotels