True ear candy! "Sungha Jung's concert" fulfilled all viewers heart by just one guitar Astounding piano collaboration with "TOR", fans demand him to be back again next year!!

Wednesday 12 October 2022 13:36
While lots of Korean idols and actors' events being held weekly in Thailand who will expect a small and cozy specialist music concert can be a great inspiration and fulfill all the viewers heart as much like this. Also, this is the event where fans of the young musician from Korea and people who love guitar gathered for a warm welcome at "2022 Sungha Jung's Music Cafe [MuCa] Live in Bangkok" concert by Prince of Asian fingerstyle guitarist "Sungha Jung" or "JUNG SUNG HA" who is one of the inspirations for teenagers worldwide and also a motivation for many to start playing guitar!!
True ear candy! Sungha Jung's concert fulfilled all viewers heart by just one guitar Astounding piano collaboration with TOR, fans demand him to be back again next year!!

Sungha, fingerstyle guitar prodigy is back in Thailand for a concert again in 5 years with the "2022 Sungha Jung's Music Cafe [MuCa] Live in Bangkok" concert on 9th October 2022 liven up the concert venue, M Theatre, even before the show starts as fans gathered in excitement with great expectation towards his return and performances for this show presented by JIN CORPORATION and PICCOLO MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT from Thailand partnering with the label GORANI STUDIOS and MUCA from South Korea for a splendid music experience.

This show started with 2 songs from the latest release album 'Poetry', his 9th full album that garners various songs together like a poetry book opening with Prologue followed by Yuumi's Waltz which Sungha composed for his cat Yuumi and he chose this song as concert opening act to showcase his joy to be back performing in Thailand again after 5 years of absence. The stage atmosphere was created to be like a cafe atmosphere surrounding all viewers in correspond with the concert's theme Music Cafe [MuCa].

Sungha revealed his feelings that he's so glad to be able to perform in Thailand again as Thailand feels like his other home. Previously there were many incidents that make him unable to travel to Thailand such as his military service and the COVID-19 situation. So for the exclusiveness of this returning performance in Thailand, he prepared tons of songs both from his new album and fans' favorite cover songs leading fans to the next batch of songs including legendary pop song and K-pop mega hits starting with Englishman in New York by Sting followed by 2 songs from MuCa project like Loving You Girl from Peder Elias which he partnered up with SHAUN (Singer of hit song, Way Back Home) and Don't Look Back in Anger from Oasis which he partnered up with Inha Kwon (One of Korean legend artist with powerful vocal) for a fantastic collaboration.

Then received a big round of applaud from fans by performing BTS's Butter which is the song that received lots of love from fans so he would like to play it live for Thai fans here along with bonus song Dynamite which is actually not in the concert set list but he would like to perform for Thai fans as a special surprise then wrapped up the first session with The Ocean, one of the songs from his latest album which he cherishes a lot.

After a 15 minutes intermission break Sungha led everyone to the second part by introducing TOR - Saksit Vejsupaporn, his special guest for this concert. TOR revealed his impressiveness that he feels like they're knowing each other for a long time when working with Sungha for this concert preparation with power of music that making it so enjoyable. The first song they performed together was Sunroof by Nicky Youre selected by Sungha as he wants viewers to have fun with this teenager vibes song followed by River Flow in You, a legendary piano pieces by Yiruma, world famous Korean pianist, selected by TOR as it's the song he really likes and he also knows that Sungha has performed this song in his own style as well so it's a good opportunity to rearrange this song blending TOR's melodious piano and Sungha's harmonious fingerstyle guitar together for the first time ever that this song had been perform with these 2 instruments as a duet.

Time for a surprise where Sungha and TOR prepared Thai song as a present exclusively for Thai fans starting with Duean-Pen (Full Moon) a classical Thai song with traditional Thai melody performed by only 2 pieces of instruments which is guitar and piano but can cast a magical spell impressing all the viewers then continued with Kon-Mai-Pi-Sed (Someone not special) a hit song of TOR concluding the memorable collab stage by 2 astonishing artists from 2 countries for Thai fans tonight. Though Thai song surprise was not finished yet, when Sungha performed Nai-Lin-Chak (In the drawer), a Thai acoustic from 80s by Gor-yaa band full with dreamy melody as another special present to fans then led to his new track Dreaming, title song from his latest album composed after his dream of swimming amid the sea of stars so the stage atmosphere also brought fans traveling into Sungha's dream with the night sky background full with twinkling stars.

Coming to the last past of this show with another bunch of songs continuously perform starting with contemporary pop song Closer by The Chainsmokers turning the original electropop into a pure acoustic vibes through his guitar then go back to the 70s with the classic pop Close to you by The Carpenters which Sungha rearranged and add his fly guitar technics turning it into a new experience for listeners followed by his original song Seventh #9 from L'Atelier album making fans grooved along the excitement of funky music and wowed by his various splendid guitar technics. Moreover, he selected a song that even guitarists also admit it's very hard to play like Neon by John Mayer to perform for fans which is rearranged into a form of fingerstyle that still keep the original challenging guitar line but also add up a melody line together creating more complexity guaranteed the title of "Fingerstyle Guitar Prodigy" which Sungha received since he was young.

It's time for the last song where MuCa's guitarist thanked fans for creating good time together at this concert, he promised he will come back to perform more often and jokingly tease fans that if this song ended and no one calls him it will really be the last song so if fans still want to see him perform please try to call him just a bit. And the last song he chose to perform as the closing act is Flaming, the song that received much love and support from Monologue album and right after the last note ended a huge round of applaud roared continuously signaling a request for encore stage to Sungha so the guitarist sure didn't let his fans wait for too long, he was back on stage again performing Classical Gas, which world famous guitarist Tommy Emmanuel who's like his idol has performed, as an epilogue performance wrapping up 2022 Sungha Jung's Music Cafe [MuCa] live in Bangkok concert.

Impressiveness by fans that night even led the hashtag #SunghaMuCaLiveBKK rise to No. 1 on Twitter trend with tons of feedback praising Sungha in every aspect, many request to see Sungha collabs with TOR again and many entitle it as heartwarming concert of the year along with complimenting the production; stunning stage atmosphere, light and sound system and also requesting to bring Sungha back again next year for the concert. Stay tuned for more quality events by JIN CORPORATION and PICCOLO MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter @JINcorporation and @piccolomusic.ent


True ear candy! Sungha Jung's concert fulfilled all viewers heart by just one guitar Astounding piano collaboration with TOR, fans demand him to be back again next year!!