Synology is Making a Move by Launching a New Storage Solution for Businesses of All Sizes and Aiming to Grow by Over 30%, With the New Innovations to Safeguard All Users in Thai Market

Thursday 17 November 2022 14:20
Cyber-attacks may inflict severe harm to businesses in the blink of an eye; thus, data privacy is the top priority for businesses across the world. Choosing IT solutions with high efficientcy and security would increase the firm's reliability. In addition, it guarantees that the firm continues to run without interruption in the case of unforeseen occurrences, such as a pandemic.

Synology Inc., a global leader in data storage solutions with data security and management services, understands the importance of business pain points and sets out to help businesses of all sizes by providing better data management solutions. Synology Sales Director, Joanne Weng, stated, "Because the security of client data is our priority, we offer innovative solutions based on development concepts that satisfy the requirements of data management with an emphasis on data security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness." Also, she asserted, "Our company's global sales in 2021 exceeded 600 million dollars (21,633,240,000 baht), representing an average yearly growth rate of 20-30% annually." She said, "We are the number one brand in the NAS industry worldwide, and our sales goal is to reach 1 billion US dollars (36,055,400,000 baht) by 2025 with our new solutions. We aim to support every business pass through digital transformation by emphasizing hybrid solutions that help organizations cope with the challenges of increasing volume demand, security, and easy data access. She said, "With the integration of on-premise and public cloud solutions developed by Synology, we can control costs and customize solutions for users' flexibility."

Synology will release new storage solutions next year, according to Joanne. "In 2023, we will debut Synology Scale Out, focusing on scalability storage with a capacity higher than 12PB by growing the cluster and easily adding nodes." She also stated, "With flexibility in mind, the solution was designed with no single point of failure or interruption," We can confirm it will come with worthiness. Also, there are many competitors in the NAS market. Each brand has its own uniqueness; thus, we develop our data management solution by focusing on customers' needs combined with the ongoing development of hardware and software. Therefore, we offer products that fulfill the requirements of a wide range of consumers, from individuals to huge organizations." She said, "By offering a system that smoothly integrates hardware and software, and providing one-stop solution and service." During the last COVID-19 outbreak, there was a time of rapid upheaval in the work structures of many firms. Synology has assisted several businesses in resolving their issues. To explain, working from home is more convenient with Synology Drive which provides everywhere data access. Active Backup for Business also allows users to backup data from numerous platforms to the NAS with a single console.
Furthermore, our large selection of products, which can be selected depending on the customer's demand and budget, can decrease the financial burden associated with software because our software is free to use and requires no further licensing fees, which is another factor that sets us apart. Although COVID-19 is showing indications of development, it is clear that the organization must continue to focus on and expand its digital transformation capabilities. Nonetheless, regulating the cost of system development is something that every business must consider; consequently, what our solutions provide can meet the demands of the companies."

Ms.Thachawan Chinchanakarn, Regional Sales Manager (ASEAN), has disclosed the 2023 business strategy for Thailand: "Small and medium-sized companies (SMBs) remain our key target for the country's marketing plan, despite the fact that in the past we have also experienced significant growth in the enterprise sector." In addition, he stated, "For household use, we see the demand to replace external HDDs with NAS, as well as the requirement for photo backups. This is the path Synology desires to concentrate on in 2023, which, I must say, is fantastic. Information is becoming more valuable than gold; thus, data management is essential for the growth of enterprises." Furthermore, he envisioned, "As the business expands, so will the volume of data, prompting firms to focus on efficient data management; almost every industry is also searching for cost-effective data management strategies. In Thailand, Synology has already established a complete service for clients in various industries, including government organizations, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, hospitals, etc. Regarding marketing activities in 2022, due to various circumstances, we have prioritized internet marketing, such as webinars, to introduce new products and solutions every quarter" Ms.Thachawan concluded, "For marketing activities in Thailand in 2023, we plan to resume more active offline activities such as organizing events, various activities, seminars, etc., for which we fully invest marketing budgets in the area to promote every Synology solution to reach various consumer groups effectively."

Source: Synology Inc