Betagro set to accelerate its growth in Consumer Food Products and Food Service Solutions

Thursday 17 November 2022 14:47
Betagro, a leading food service solutions provider, continues to invest in growing its market position in the Consumer Food Products and Food Service Solutions market. In cooperation with Thai and international partners, the company creates delicious secret recipes with its high quality raw materials to win the hearts of consumers. Betagro's two-pronged approach to service both consumers as well as professional customers is built on the company's "Betagro Quality Management" (BQM) system, guaranteeing the highest quality and food safety standards that allow the company to not only enter the premium customer segment but also export its products to overseas markets such as the United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. In addition, new products are being offered at fair prices through a range of distribution channels providing added convenience to consumers, while the food service solutions business is being expanded through strong partnerships.
Betagro set to accelerate its growth in Consumer Food Products and Food Service Solutions

Dr. Oliver Gottschall, Chief Operating Officer - Food Business, Betagro Public Company Limited, said that the three key factors to win in the highly competitive Food Products space are Taste & Nutrition, Quality & Food Safety as well as the highest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. Taste and nutritional value are the most fundamental requirements to winning and retaining customers. For this, Betagro has invested in its Food Innovation Center (FIC) where more than 70 food scientists and nutritionists are conducting extensive research to develop the most delicious and nutritious recipes for Betagro's customers. Researchers work closely with customer panels who provide detailed feedback in order to perfect the recipes before a new product is launched. Quality & Food Safety are basic requirements to gain the trust of consumers, and Betagro has long been known for being among the leaders in this area, which is also shown by the company's ability to obtain export licenses and serve overseas markets with the highest entry requirements.

Environmental concerns are increasingly top of mind for consumers, and Betagro has invested intensively in reducing the plastic content of its packaging, as well as equipping all its factories with solar rooftops. The company was the first to introduce paper instead of plastic trays for its S-Pure chicken and pork products, becoming the first meat producer in Southeast Asia to implement this new packaging solution. The concept has been successfully trialed in selected stores and will be rolled out country-wide in 2023. The company will continue to invest in reducing and replacing plastic packaging with more sustainable alternatives.

Shifting demographics, such as an increasingly ageing population, as well as increased consumer concerns about health and good nutrition offer both challenges and opportunities for food industry players, according to Dr. Gottschall. In order to meet the changing needs and consumption patterns of consumers, Betagro continues to build capabilities in developing new solutions and food products, with the Food and Protein Business now contributing 68% of Betagro's total revenue.

The foundation of Betagro's consumer offerings are its flagship brands: S-Pure, Betagro and ItoHam.
S-Pure offers super-premium products made from the highest quality meat, 100% natural and free of antibiotics. This is guaranteed through the strictest standards across the entire supply chain. The company recently launched a new range of ready-to-eat products under the S-Pure standard, including premium sausages as well as egg-white congee for health-conscious customers.

The company's Betagro brand stands for high-quality, trusted food products offering good value for money. Under this brand, the company recently launched a number of ready-to-eat meals and revamped its full range of appetizers including chicken nuggets, chicken bites, as well as its iconic "tulip wings." Dim sum ("Salapao") is the latest addition, further expanding the company's product range.

ItoHam, a premium range of sausage and ham products based on a successful partnership between Betagro and Itoham Japan, offers consumers Japanese-style premium meat products. This successful cooperation has increased trust in Betagro's premium brands.

Betagro's branded products are available through easily accessible distribution channels such as Betagro Shops, Betagro Deli, major modern trade/grocery outlets, as well as various marketplace channels, such as Freshket, LineMart and GrabMart.

In addition to the consumer business, further growth is expected to come from the Food Service segment, according to Dr. Gottschall. "In expanding in the B2B sector, we have secured a number of partnerships with entrepreneurs and large restaurant chains, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, cooking schools, airlines, and operators with small kitchens or cloud kitchens. Post-COVID, many of these players are facing challenges in staffing, and struggling with finding qualified kitchen personnel. They are looking at us to provide easy and convenient food solutions that allow them to streamline their operations and simplify their processes. Our team of experienced chefs and food experts offer professional customers a range of business planning and consulting services alongside our ready-to-cook product solutions. This means that we can provide our customers with a complete Food Service solution that increases convenience and contributes to improved profits for food service providers and retailers."

Betagro remains focused on creating value-added products through increased research into food innovations and developing new menu options. To meet the changing needs of consumers, Betagro's Food Business has further plans in the coming months to launch a range of new products made from fresh ingredients in the ready-to-eat segment, providing additional options in premium products for consumers, food service providers and retailers.

Source: ABM Connect